How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent in 2021

Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

Pakistan’s real estate market is more skill centric and less qualification or academics centric. Also, there aren’t any councils or bodies formed to provide licenses for professional estate agents. However, the importance of education can never be undermined no matter whichever profession you are into. Recently, the trends in typical real estate market are changing, and the tag “Property Dealer”, which was alienated in past is getting its place in the social fabric of Pakistan. If you are someone who is interested in becoming a successful real estate agent, then today’s post is dedicated to you. In this article we are going to elaborate a complete breakdown of skills and education that you require to become a successful real estate agent in Pakistan.

First of all, one thing that should be cleared in everyone’s mind is that any job that is related to the sales side of any industry doesn’t require a special high-tech qualification. The more you have the ability to persuade people and sell your product, the more qualified and competent you are considered. Nevertheless, in Pakistan lesser academic qualification usually implies lesser communication (written or verbal) skills and a language barrier speaking, listening, writing and understanding English. To overcome this you may need a Bachelor or Master degree from a reputable institution. Without wasting time any further let’s dig deep into the main course of our subject today.

What qualifications do real estate agents need?

In past there were no reputable institutions offering programs in this specific area. But, in recent days we have observed a great shift in the market regarding this. An institute (PIREM – Pakistan Institute of Real Estate Management) in Karachi was set-up in 2018; they are offering various certificates and diplomas in different areas Real Estate business. Along with that, PIREM has also organized various events in which they gave out prizes and awards to the real estate agents who are doing remarkable job in the industry.

Few days back there was another news which said NUST PDC, and Pakistan’s leading property portal Graana, have joined their hands to launch Pakistan’s first ever Certification in Real Estate Science. Their goal is to redefine the perception and landscape of Pakistan’s real estate.

Since, this whole thing is going to take some time to grow mature; new-comers are advised to join if they have a bachelor in any field. However, individuals with business management background will always have that cutting-edge while persuading some potential buyers with their pitch.

What skills required to become a successful real estate agent?

Now, this is the main focus of this article and our whole debate too. Like said earlier Pakistan’s real estate market is more skill centric, and one is expected to join the field with a resonating skillset, which must include, market knowledge, communication and persuasive skills, dedication and hard work and a few more. The skills that you are required to have are,

Ample knowledge of local market

First thing first, a newbie real estate agent is required to have ample knowledge of the local market. Sellers want to hire real estate agents that have worked in the locality before or have a sound knowledge of what amenities they have in nearby, what are the rates of property, and where is all of the paperwork done? Those newbies who get successful in acquiring sufficient knowledge of local market have bright chances to close a deal successfully.

Higher level of persistence

Sales in any field in general, and sales in real estate market in particular, is a very time taking and hectic job. Likewise the fruit real estate agents get is also sweeter. Therefore you are advised to stay persistent, follow up quickly when a property is listed, stay connected with the market, and work really really hard to get what you desire.

Persuasive communication skills

Next thing that is required from a successful real estate agent is great communication skills. You should be able to brief someone, who has the capital obviously, about any property that is listed. You should also be very clear in communicating the pros and cons of the property beforehand in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises to the buyer in future. In this way, you will also be successful in creating good impact on the buyer and build a great credibility. It makes the client come again, and also there are brighter chances of getting referrals. After all who doesn’t know the benefits of recurring sales?

Hands-on experience with technology

Since this is the technological era, and most of the businesses that are being done are through telephone, internet, social media, or any other technological means. That’s why a successful real estate agent should know quite enough about modern technology.

This doesn’t mean that you should be a tech-savvy in order to be successful in the market. There are people who don’t know much about recent technological updates, and are still doing a very good job on field. However, having enough knowledge of tech provides you with a cutting edge, and is considered a plus while doing business.


Like in any industry, honesty is also the key to be successful in real estate market too. One has to be very honest and loyal to his job. This doesn’t only lead to a successful career, but also makes you morally strong enough to counter any issues that you may encounter during job. It is very important for a successful real estate agent to honestly tell about each and everything about their product to the buyer. Doing so won’t only win the trust of the buyer, but also gives an opportunity to convert occasional buyer to loyal clients.

Strong market connections

Last but definitely not the least; as this job is related to marketing and sales, the more you know about peers nearby and are connected with them, brighter are your choices to be successful. Real estate market is usually an open market throughout Pakistan so get your chunk from wherever it seems to be coming. This may not be your ultimate career choice, but trust us these are the deals that help you pay for your recurring liabilities.


Although it’s not very tough being a real estate agent, it is not that easy too. This article briefly explains the qualification and skill set required to become a successful real estate agent. Try to acquire these skills alongside what you are doing, to grow your prospects in the field of real estate marketing. And, if you are not getting successful in closing any deals immediately, don’t lose hope, nor fall into despair, remember persistence is the key. Keep persistent, work hard, you’ll be there on your mark shortly. Best of luck!

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