Best Areas to Set Up Your Office in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Set Up Your Office in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan, is a business hub for many MNCs and other business entities. There are quite a lot of reasons for the choice that the large business entities make. The primary reason to it is that being the capital city of Pakistan, all the government institutions, parliament, secretariat are present here and these large business groups want to stay closer to them as it would benefit them in the hour of need. Another reason for the choice is that the business opportunities are endless in the capital and Rawalpindi receives the benefits owing to the proximity that it has with Islamabad.

As per the demands of office spaces and cabins in the twin cities, it is also quite eminent that it can also prove as one of the most lucrative investment opportunities for the investor community. There are always individual and business entities, including MNCs, banks, corporations and every other type of businesses looking for a space in the twin cities. Also, the number of office complexes, and multi-purpose high rises are increases on daily basis. Every day you come across ads and banners informing about the opening or commencement of such infrastructure that is being made in your area. To elaborate and make the choice easier for our readers we have brought forward this post. It discusses the major areas where there is high appreciation and you can put your capital as an investment to maximize the capital gains.

Blue Area

The most popular of all location in the capital city of Islamabad to establish an office for a business entity or firm is Blue Area since ages. This is due to the reason that Blue Area is one of the oldest business hubs of the city and many enterprises and business entities have already established their business headquarters in this particular area.

Apart from this, you can also find the head offices of different private groups and entities here in Blue Area who have been sitting in the market since decades. Also, restaurants, cafes, garments and other business are also carried out through this area and all this is by virtue of it being in the central location of Islamabad.

Blue Area is located right adjacent to the Jinnah Avenue, and the Faisal Avenue. It is located very opposite to the Centaurus mall, which is known by almost everyone who resides in the twin cities. It is one of the most known malls in Islamabad that hosts almost every kind of store within the premise.

Blue Area also has a very fine, unique, and easy accessibility for everyone. No matter, you are a biker, a car driver, or you use a bus for your everyday commute, Blue Area is easily accessible by everyone. The route buses and vans pass through the market and also metro bus has a special pit stop dedicated to the area.

In addition to all this, the area is also expanding in the western side so that in future it can accommodate more offices, and host more businesses. This is because that the core area is already filled with offices, hospitals and other businesses.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town, Islamabad is a haven or anchorage for the private businesses where they can seek refuge from the outside pollutants, jams, and much more. The area itself is so clean, and the atmosphere is so pollution-free that the clients or customers automatically fall for your business while you haven’t even put much of the effort. The Bahria Town maintenance staff is hired, deployed and working 24/7 in order to keep the atmosphere clean and vicinity pure and maintained.

Bahria Town also being not so densely populated and well-planned needs no push to sell. It has wide roads, planned streets, accessible building and ample free areas that people love to be associated with. After their successful endeavors in the big cities of Lahore and Karachi, Bahria started their operation in the city of Rawalpindi, and like all the other projects they were into, this project was also readily welcomed by everyone.

Bahria Town has a very fine location. Actually, till now it has 9 phases out of which 8 are fully developed, while one is under the procedure of development. But, by looking at the portfolio of the developer we anticipate that this phase won’t also take much of the time. The phases are located near GT road, Safari, Chaklala Cantt., and scheme 3, which makes them more profitable office space in Rawalpindi or Islamabad.

Also, Bahria Town is quite accessible from all the sides of the city, as the buses you will take can lead you to the gates of this gated community, and after that you can easily find a shuttle service that will take you to your destination. This is also a very determining reason that makes the society a suitable space for office in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Moreover, Bahria Town has a very wide variety of the spaces that it offers depending on the size shape and model that suits your business, and also it has an ample size of offices available for rent and sale in Islamabad, or Rawalpindi.

Defense Housing Authority DHA

DHA is one of the most posh localities in Islamabad known widely because of the reason that it is backed by autonomous authority and state driven organizations. The reason may seem smaller but actually the credibility and trust that is built on DHA is unparalleled and can’t be found elsewhere. The society comprises of most modern and up-market residential as well as commercial set up, ornamented with wide paved road network, sky-scrappers, and much more.

DHA, often nicked as Defense has an ample quantity of green belts, and natural atmosphere, the conditions are prevalent through various indicators that mark the success that the society has achieved, and also a reputation that the developers have earned through years of hard work and tireless efforts they have put in. All of it amalgamates to form this mighty business oriented real estate project that we call DHA.

Till now there are seven phases of housing by DHA, and various other entities like DHA Valley. Out of all these, DHA phase 1 and 2 are doing great on the canvas of international real estate market. This is all by virtue of the location that the society is built on. The whole of DHA is situated on the western and eastern banks of the GT road, also termed as National Highway NH-5.

As far as the connectivity and accessibility is concerned, DHA being located on the main GT Road is very easily and conveniently accessed from any side of the city. Like Bahria Town, DHA also has its own shuttle service that keeps revolving throughout the society. If you are coming by means of a public transport, it will drop you off at the DHA gate from where you will be picked up by the shuttle and taken to the destination, and this is also is totally free of cost.

To add to it, there is ample space of luxury and everyday usage properties including commercial and office spaces available in the DHA. You can book your own office or buy one for the attainment of rental yield as per your requirements as the society offers different sized and category options to you.

Gulberg Greens

Last, but definitely not the least is the novel housing and commercial project that is in the phases of infrastructural development is the Gulberg Greens. Gulberg Greens is one of its kind real estate projects that have the capacity to accommodate a wide section of population in it providing them the ample facilities to live and do businesses staying within.

Like all the other residential as well as commercial projects, Gulberg also has a very well-planned and ideally designed road infrastructure along with some great amenities like underground supply of utilities like gas and electricity. Since the project is in the development phases and the prices will take some time to culminate, that’s why it is also considered as one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in the town.

Gulberg also has a prime location, which is the society is located on the Islamabad Express way between Koral Chowk and PWD stop. This makes the society easily accessible from all the four sides of the city. Also it is very close to Lehtrar Road and Park Road. Its other end opens on the Lehtrar road connecting it with the western side of the Rawalpindi.

The society is in the development phase and the availability of the property options is also quite diverse. For any of the investor who wants to invest into the commercial spaces in Rawalpindi or Islamabad for the sake of rental yields, investment purposes, multiplying capital gains, or even establishing their own office, Gulberg Greens is considered as one of the most lucrative options.


Commercial areas especially office spaces are in great demand in the twin cities currently, but at the same time the availability is also in great numbers. If you are someone who wants to invest in the commercial property in general or particularly in office spaces in Rawalpindi or Islamabad, you should definitely follow this guide.

If you still have any queries that you want to ask, or any confusion that you need to remove before practically entering into the business, you are more than welcomed to call us anytime on the numbers given below. Our highly diligent and competent staff is working 24/7 to guide the real estate entrants throughout the process.

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