Best Investments of 2021 According To ValueProperty

Best Investments of 2021 According To ValueProperty

Real Estate investments in Pakistan:

The real estate industry of Pakistan has been receiving a great response. The high end developmental projects are attracting a lot of investors. This upward trend in the real estate sector can be credited to the use of new and modernized technology. Use of advanced equipment and technology ensures high class results. Most of the recent housing schemes in Pakistan have been constructed as per international standards. Thus, there has been a sudden increase in real estate investments. 

The most renowned housing projects include Bahria Town, DHA City and Emaar Residency. The major highlighted feature of all these housing societies is that they are constructed in accordance with the international standards of lifestyle. Every now and then, people tend to looks ways to improve and upgrade their lifestyles. These housing societies filled the huge gap in Pakistan, and catered to modern housing needs and demands. Due to these reasons, these projects became a massive hit in Pakistan, and to this date, they have huge brand image. 

Real estate consultants:

Before investing huge sums of money, people want to be extremely sure. They want to gain utmost satisfaction regarding their investments. Most of the people are not even aware of all the procedures involved in investing in properties. 

Thus, the role of real estate consultants becomes extremely important here. Real estate consultants are the people associated with the real estate sector. They form their own agencies, and guide people towards the best investment. It all depends on their experience in the industry. Hence, it is very important to seek the guidance of the best real estate consultants, who have a good brand image. 

Value Property:

Value Property is one of the most renowned real estate agency of Pakistan. It is one of the most popular brands that consists of experienced individuals. Their experience and expertise associated with the real estate sector makes them stand out. The dedicated team of Value Property provides a strong analysis of the current situation regarding the real estate sector. Then, after closely studying all the factors, they give the best guidance and advice regarding investments. Hence, if you are interested in investing in properties, you must consult Value Property. They will definitely assist you in your investments. 

Real estate sector analysis by Value Property:

The team of Value Property comprises of dedicated individuals. With the changing situation of economy, Value Property tends to update their analysis too. It is one of the most hard-working brands that aims to provide quality services for the potential investors. 

Keeping in mind the entire Covid 19 situation, Value Property has come up with important analysis of the real estate sector. Like all other industries, the real estate sector of Pakistan has also suffered. The investments made in this sector had gone down significantly in the first half of 2020. However, as the lockdown began to ease, people started coming back to their normal routines. Businesses started doing well. Thus, Pakistan’s real estate sector also began to improve considerably. It observed an upward trend. 

According to Value Property, Punjab has great potential in the real estate sector. Their analysis suggests that most of the properties within Punjab will become the hottest investment points. With 2020 just towards its end, the new year will bring a lot of investments in the real estate sector. The twin cities of Punjab (Rawalpindi and Islamabad) will witness more investments than ever before. This is mainly because certain new housing schemes in these cities are under construction. They promise luxurious, comfortable lifestyle, and are being built on international standards. Two of the most promising upcoming housing projects are Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi and Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Rudn Enclave Housing Society:

Rudn Enclave is an upcoming mega project, based in Rawalpindi. The official builders and developers of this project are RMRSCO Pvt. Limited. It is being sponsored by of the best companies of Pakistan, NesPak Pvt. Limited. 

Rudn Enclave has great potential in the real estate sector. This particular mega project is stretched over a huge area of around 3000 kanals. It includes spacious and diversified range of plots. It encompasses several amazing facilities within the society. This is aimed at facilitating the residents of the housing society. Located the main Adyala Road, Rudn Enclave has a lot of world class attractions. The best infrastructural facilities, combined with latest architecture make this property one of the bestselling properties of Rawalpindi. The layout and structure given to this housing society is absolutely breath taking. 

You can now book your preferred plots in this housing society. Easy installment plans have also been introduced. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad:

This is yet another beautiful project based in Islamabad. Capital Smart City Islamabad is the first smart city of Pakistan, and therefore it strives to become the best housing society. The builders and developers of this particular project are FDHL Pvt. Limited. They have amazing insight regarding the real estate sector, and will definitely deliver their best. Further, this project is being constructed in collaboration with Habib Rafique group. Both these names are huge names in Pakistan. Thus, the expectations from this project are already high. Both of these big names of the industry strive to present the country with the best outcome.

Capital Smart City is the first eco-friendly housing society of Pakistan. None of the natural resources have been harmed while constructing this mega project. This not only ensures a beautiful scenario of the housing society, but also gives the clear message regarding the importance of saving the natural resources of our country. 

As far as the development update is concerned, the network of the roads is laid and will be catering to all the traveling problems across the site. Additionally, there are indigenous tube wells built within the society that ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply of water 24/7. Harradine Golf Club will also be an added feature of society, and the agreement has been signed of August 14th. Also, FDHL and Movenpick have agreed upon the venture, and Movenpick is all set to commence its operation within Capital Smart City.

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