Buying Property in Pakistan; Step by Step Procedure


If you are looking for a property; house or plot to buy in Pakistan and it’s your first time buying a property, we have written down its step-by-step procedure. In Pakistan investing in the real estate proves to be the most lucrative one among all similar businesses. The perks that buying property in Pakistan gives you is totally unmatchable. Similarly, buying a property, be it a plot, house or commercial space, pays you a great Return on Investment (ROI).

If you have a good capital reserved with you and you are looking for the ways to invest it into some business, we would always recommend going for buying property. Since real estate is the most secure and safe investment on planet earth, every other businessperson will repeat the same words we uttered.

As cherry on cake, today’s real estate market is facing a slump and prices of property are on the lower side in various parts of the country. That means that this is the high time for purchasing property in Pakistan, and you just have to buy and hold. As a result of the recent population explosion, and speedy urbanization the demand for homes is increasing day-by-day. With a little knowledge of areas where there is greater appreciation and room for investment, one can successfully earn quite hefty returns on little investment. Our today’s blog covers two main types of properties that are usually purchased the most, plots and houses.

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Buying Property in Pakistan

Procedure to Buy Plot in Pakistan

Since the marketplace if full of frauds sitting just to loot people’s hard earned money, with a little research and knowledge you can easily get rid of such scams. Here’s a complete step-by-step procedure for buying a plot in Pakistan that saves you from falling prey to any frauds or scams.

Choosing Location

Location is the prime factor one should consider before buying any plot in Pakistan. Depending upon your ease of access, and amount of capital in hand, you have to decide the option that best suits you. For that purpose you can use different online property portals that make such calculations for you.

Verifying NOC

Once you have decided the location where you want to invest your capital you have to spot for any on-going projects in that area. Currently, there is much room in real estate market; so it won’t be an issue to spot a housing project in development phases. After that the most crucial step is verifying the NOC and other legalities of that project. For that purpose, there are various bodies laid down by the government in their respective areas, to name a few, LDA in Lahore, RDA in Rawalpindi, CDA in Islamabad, Federal Capital, and likewise in almost every city of Pakistan. You can visit their website to check whether the society complies with the local government bodies, and whether the developer has proper permission to develop and sell plots in that particular area.

Find Trusted Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents make the process of purchasing land way more easier than it was ever before. To find out what questions you should ask from your real estate agent you can read our post in the blog section. For that purpose you can always contact us to get best deals in your area, specifically in twin cities. The most alluring benefit of hiring a real estate agent for you is you save your time and money by not getting involved into any sort of paperwork.

Get Your Documentation/File

For buying land in almost any city of Pakistan you will need the following documents

  • 2 attested photocopies of CNIC
  • 2 witnesses of business
  • Affidavit on stamp paper
  • Purchase deed

Ensure that you are leaving their office with all of the above mentioned documents enclosed in the file.

Steps to Buy a House in Pakistan

Buying your own home specifically your first home is the most exciting thing in this world. However, we don’t want you to miss on anything in this excitement. That’s why we have listed down the complete step-by-step procedure to buy your first home in Pakistan.

Assessing Your Price Range

While buying a house you have to seriously tell yourself how much you can afford. Shifting from a rented apartment to a brand new house puts some financial strain on your pocket initially. You must be saving something for the cold days in order to combat this strain put on you.

Finding Suitable Location

Whether you are buying property for investment purpose or residential, location always takes the first priority. But, what you have to consider now is road approach, linking highways, nearby amenities, etc. You can always consider relocating depending upon the location of your job or business.

Searching for Houses for Sale

The next thing that comes in the process is search for the property in that locality. You can find 100s of properties listed on our website. For more options you can always call us for the best deals.

Meet Owner face-to-face

For a successful deal both the parties have to meet face-to-face and you have to discuss all the possible pros and cons of the locality and the house itself. After discussing it all you are now in position to make a clear mind about whether you are willing to purchase this house or not.

Confirm Market Rates

Next step that falls in this process is confirming the rates and doing market analysis to see where are possible deals getting closed? After successfully doing so, make an offer. Just keep in mind that the offer you make must be realistic. Don’t beat around the bush, and make foolish offers. You will probably waste yours and the owner’s time

Decide Agent’s Commission

For buying a house in Pakistan usually the real estate agents take a commission of 2%, 1% from the buyer and 1% from the seller. But looking at the current market position, the commission rates can easily be lowered, depending upon the negotiation skills.

But one thing, you have to settle some amount beforehand, in order to save yourself from any inconvenience in future.

Transfer of Ownership

The next and most important step in the whole process of making a purchase is transferring of ownership. You can’t miss anything here. Keep your required documents with you. For purchasing a house in Pakistan following documents are needed,

  • Two passport size photos each of both parties
  • Original CNICs of both parties
  • Copies of CNIC of both buyer and seller
  • Copies of CNIC of buyer’s next of kin
  • NDC (No Demand Certificate) from society
  • Clearance Certificate from Services (for houses, apartments and shops)
  • Bank receipt of the transfer fee
  • Bank receipt of outstanding funds (if any)

Just bring these documents to the office, and the agent there will take care of all the additional chores against a small payment that you guys must have decided already.


Buying any property in important, but purchasing your first home is a dream come true. ValueProperty has your back always. We have listed a complete step-by-step procedure of how to buy your first house in Pakistan. We have tried to list the process in a very simple and elaborative town. However, if you do have any ambiguity, don’t hesitate to comment or directly make us a call. Our expert team will be there to hear from you, and help you in best possible way for any troubles you face whatsoever.

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