Capital Smart City Possessions for Overseas Block – 1

Capital Smart City

With reference to the letter number FDHL/S&M/008/210344, it is cited that the developer of Capital Smart City has started giving possessions on plots that are located in Overseas Block, in following sectors of C, D, E, G, H, J, and K. It is to be mentioned here that Capital Smart City is first of its kind, the smartest housing project in Pakistan.

Capital Smart City is rated as a Smart Housing Project due to it being loaded with all the modern day amenities loaded with technologically advanced sensors and gadgets. It was a long awaited project, but anyhow the developer took no time in dispensing the possessions of the plots.

For all those who are having general plots in the society can take possessions at once, while for the owner of category plots, it is required for them to clear any remaining charges like Development Charges, Extra land charges, and prime location charges. The charges can be paid in 4 easy installments, however if the land owner starts developing the project before September, they will be given an additional benefit of paying the charges in 06 installments. But what’s done is you can start building whenever you want from today onwards.

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