Freelance Real Estate Agent; a Career Initiative by ValueProperty

Freelance Real Estate Agent

The job market is shrinking like anything globally amid the pandemic novel Cov-19. The effects of these waves are also felt in Pakistan, where unemployment and poverty were looming already. However, in order to curtail this situation ValueProperty has come forward with a great idea of introducing Freelance Real Estate Marketing for the first time in Pakistan. Actually, VP itself is a stand-alone all-purpose real estate marketing agency which has gained much of popularity and enjoys great credibility in the local market.

Since the real estate is into full boom once again after the Covid-19 pandemic has appeared to be fading away, we thought that why not we should introduce a concept like this in the real estate market of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, where the youngsters, fresh graduates as well as experienced technical employees have been sitting empty handed, doing nothing. The question that arises here is who gets benefit from this opportunity? If you have similar queries, please read through the lines and know more about the topic.

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Who can become a Freelance Real Estate Agent?

The offered opportunity in the form of this career position will allure quite broader strata of the society, and will attract many individuals to lean unto freelance real estate consultancy and professional career through ValueProperty. Here’s a list of who can be a freelance real estate agent and make a passive income stream for them through the business.

Students: If you are a student who is currently studying in a college and university and you don’t want to look up on your parents or elder siblings for financial support like many of us, then this can be your very thing. Just get the required information from us and start marketing the projects on your own, for every successful deal you will get paid quite a high amount! How much? This we will discuss later.

Fresh Graduates: The prestige of any profession within Pakistan has been battered a lot by the state, and that is because of the inflation, nepotism and unemployment. The universities are readily taking admissions while there is a very little job market, which cannot take this much of employees in it. For this purpose, we also recommend the same model to all the fresh graduates out there who do not have a proper job, and are unemployed since a long time now. Get yourselves trained and start having bucks.

Professionals from other Fields: Now this is something they call greed, but we call smart play. You might be employed and earning a handsome amount, but we also know that in this era of inflation one salary is never enough. And also, the hiking prices everyday compels you to lean unto some passive sources to generate extra income; after all who don’t need money? For that specific purpose if you are a professional doctor, engineer, or related with any field, you should also consider this option for yourself.

How to Start Freelance Real Estate Business?

To be a freelance real estate agent you don’t need big qualifications and long experiences, all you need is the passion to pursue this career, ability to work harder under competition and manage communication and deadlines. If you think you have the following abilities Value Property welcomes you on board.

Another thing that you need to have is great contacts. Contacts are the only thing that is needed in the real estate marketing, and also it is one of the prime factors that can make you mark success in the avenues of real estate business. If you have a good reputation in the area you live, in the office you work, or in your own social circle, you have bright future prospects waiting for you at the other end.

All you need and required is get the formal information of any of the three real estate projects that you like among all those we are offering. You just have to communicate them well with the business community that is into the property investing business and compel them to look up unto your purchases through VP. In lieu of every successful closing that you do you will earn a good amount also you get a chance to diversify your portfolio.

How much does a Freelance Real Estate Agent Earn?

How much does a freelance Real Estate Agent earn? This is a very subjective question and depends upon many factors that decide how much do they earn. We will list all the factors before throwing any figure, to make this whole ball of wax cleared for you. A beginner freelance real estate agent who doesn’t have much of experience with the market, if closes one or two deals in a month and earns around 20 thousand bucks, we would say he has done well. But the same individual if does this after 6-8 months we wouldn’t appreciate. This is due to the reason that after even 6 months of working, he attains quite a great experience and knowledge of the market that he can perform a lot better than this.

If you do this job remotely and part-time without putting all your efforts into it because you must be preoccupied by other chores that you perform we estimate that the least you can get is somewhere between 20 thousand to one lac per month. The amount goes up when the years of experience and the quantity of numbers keep increasing on your portfolio.


Real Estate is one of the most trusted and credible investment programs globally, and people tend to look up to this for multiplying their capital and gain greater returns over their investments. The post pandemic time is also very crucial if you want to attain the maximum out of this business. You can be occupied with your own work, or you might be free after the final exams in your university, being a freelance real estate agent with ValueProperty will prove as a great career option. We claim this thing because when you dive in the business as a freelancer you won’t resist joining it as full term due to all the shining that real estate market has to offer.

All you need is a great communication skill and professional convincing techniques, the rest would fall into its place on its own. If you still have any queries we welcome them from enthusiastic and energetic youth, the team will respond to all your queries within no time.

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