Future of Real Estate Property Based Businesses in Pakistan

Future of Real Estate Property Based Businesses in Pakistan

Property Business:

Often we have heard the term Real Estate. But what exactly is real estate? Real estate is basically a piece of land that possesses some monetary value. That piece of land could hold some kind of property, in which people could invest and earn guaranteed profits in future. Interested investors choose the best properties based on their strategic value, and invest their money into real estate business in Pakistan. Real estate sector is a broad sector, which includes a variety of properties, some of which are as follows:

  • Residential real estate includes both new construction and resale homes.
  • Commercial real estate includes shopping centers and strip malls, medical and educational buildings, hotels and offices.
  • Industrial real estate includes manufacturing buildings and property, as well as warehouses.

Scope of Real Estate Business in Pakistan:

Despite being a developing country, Pakistan has seen major advancements in various fields of life. One such advancement has been observed in the real estate sector. People have grown to realize all the benefits associated with investing in properties. Some of the most notable advantages of investing in properties include huge monetary returns in a short period of time, increased value and worth of the property in just a few years, and guaranteed profits. Previously, investing in stock exchange markets, and buying multiple shares was a common practice of Pakistanis. However, with the changing economic situation, a positive trend of investing in real estate has been observed. 

Real estate business is certainly experiencing an upward trend in Pakistan. Investments in real estate account to a significant amount in the GDP of Pakistan. With an increasing growth in the developmental projects, Pakistan seems to have a bright prospect in this sector. Currently, it is one of the leading industries of our country, and is expected to grow even more by 2021. This is mainly because of a number of housing societies are already under construction, and once completed, they will add up to the real estate sector of Pakistan

Potential of Punjab real estate industry:

Punjab is one of the most densely populated provinces of Pakistan. It is popular for the best sceneries, lush green landscapes and spacious lands. All these factor contribute in increasing the strategic importance of the province. People also prefer to invest in a place that is rich in scenic beauty. Therefore, Punjab has great potential in terms of real estate investments. 

All the big cities of Punjab have a reputation of amazing sceneries. Rawalpindi, one of the leading cities of Punjab, has witnessed significant technological and developmental progress. With introduction of high rise buildings, and innovative housing societies, the city has gained amazing popularity over the past few years. One of the latest additions to the real estate sector in Rawalpindi is Rudn Enclave Housing Society.

Investors’ Choice- Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi:

Located in Rawalpindi, Rudn enclave is an upcoming mega project. It is being sponsored by NesPak pvt limited, and RMRSCO pvt limited are the official builders and developers. This project aims to provide international standard facilities. Based on modern infrastructure, latest techniques and procedures are being used in its development. 

Rudn Enclave housing society offers a wide range of facilities, to cater to the needs of the investors and residents. Diversified range of plots allows the investors to closely consider all the specifications, and then invest. Not only residential plots are being built, but the society will be home to commercial plots as well. The luxurious plots in this society will serve as the basis of fulfilling every individual’s dream house. 

All these factors certainly aid in making Rudn Enclave the most popular choice of investors for the years 2020-2021. The great potential of this upcoming project tends to attract a lot of investors and residents.

Location of the Master Plan:

An important factor while considering investment is the location of the project. A central location helps in increasing the value of the housing project over the years. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is located at Adyala Road. This particular location is already home to several other housing societies too. The best part about this ideal location is that it is easily accessible through various routes of the city. This central location also ensures that the future residents can travel to and from their houses anywhere in the city easily.

Why invest in Rudn Enclave?

While investing in any real estate business, the investor tends to look at the value he/she is getting in return of their money. Often, property investments require a handsome amount of money. Therefore, the investors make it a point to closely consider the features and facilities being offered to them. 

One of the main reasons to invest in Rudn Enclave is that it is the latest project in Rawalpindi. The builders and developers have taken into account the needs and demands of the customers, and have made it a point to provide them with simply the best lifestyle. The housing society encompasses all the facilities. People will not have to face the hassle of travelling to far off places, in search of basic necessities. Shopping Malls, Stores and Restaurants will be built within the vicinity of the mega project, to facilitate the residents. 

All the above mentioned factors certainly make your investments worthwhile!

Layout and Total Area:

Rudn Enclave mega project covers an area of around 3000 kanals. The vast area of this project attracts a lot of customers and investors. From an investment point of view, it is always a good idea investing in a plot that has a huge area and brilliant layout. This will further aid in increasing its value over the areas.

The layout of this potential iconic project of Rawalpindi, has been brilliantly planned. Rudn Enclave Housing Society will not only be home to residential plots, but also to commercial ones. The interested investors can consider this fact as well. Various facilities will be provided to the residents within the society only. This will further enhance the value of this particular property. Moreover, the builders and developers also aim at providing recreational activities, such as farm houses.

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