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Get Vaccinated in Pakistan

Covid-19 pandemic seemed to be diminishing few days back, but with the advent and outburst of the delta strain, it doesn’t look in a mood to go anywhere. Rather, it seems like it is going to stay here with all of us, and we have to change the perception and lifestyle according to it. Although the lifestyle change and accommodating out new guest that no one has invited is definitely going to take time, while during waiting for the period we will have to stay safe and do any precautionary measures that have been communicated by WHO, our health professionals, or the state bodies formed in this regard.

In Pakistan every step and chore related with the pandemic is governed under the constant surveillance of NCOC. Previously, it was being carried out by National Disaster Management Authority until WHO termed it as a pandemic, and a holistic approach had to be devised and deployed in order to curtail the sudden outburst of the virus, and the main objective that the organization took was to save as many people as they could from falling prey or contracting the virus. The operations conducted as per NCOC were in total compliance with the government, and the policy formation to policy implementation, these were all the operations that were carried out by the correspondence between all the stakeholders.

Recently, as the vaccines were discovered and people started getting shots, the graphs and charts that represented the infected part of the society seemed to be decreasing. Albeit not the population is vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, anything that is said for now will be meager conjecture and nothing more. However, in the past few days the government has started making strict policies as to deter the individuals who are not getting them shot against this deadly virus. This is because the fact the vaccine isn’t just there to make you stay safe, rather it also pauses the spread of it as the majority of the population would not be carrying the virus with them. If you are someone who is not vaccinated against the novel coronavirus Covid-19, and not even planning to get shot against it, here’s a brief guide on what you are going to miss on if you do so. Keep reading through the lines to know more about the subject.

What if I Don’t Get a Vaccine?

Pakistan started the localized vaccine drive back in the month of March and various programs under the constant supervision of NCOC were launched in order to get the population vaccinated against Covid-19 virus. Since, more and more new forms of strains with different variants started emerging that government has to devise holistic approach in order to culminate the effects of the virus. By the grace of almighty, as of now we have completed almost 12% of the vaccinations, individuals who have received the first dose are 24%, while the total administered doses are 41,467,713 at the time of composing this paper.

To bring more and more people under the umbrella the government has formulated strict policies which are on the way of becoming a law in order to deter the population who is somehow reluctant to get their vaccination done. Here’s what the state of Pakistan will do to you if you do not get the vaccination administered on the earliest possible day.

Block your SIM card

SIM cards are essential when it comes to connecting your phone with others to send and receive calls, SMSs, and MMSs. The government of Punjab has taken a serious decision to jeopardize the connectivity of any citizen who is not yet vaccinated. Although the date of the action is not announce yet, but it is anticipated that soon the mobile connections will stop working for anyone who is not vaccinated.

Won’t Send Your Salary

The Sindh’s premier Syed Murad Ali Shah has said to not dispense the salaries of the employees who fail to provide the proof that they have got vaccinated against the Coronavirus. Also, he has directed the commission under him to implement the similar system in the private as well as public sector.

So if you reside in Sindh, be it Karachi, Hyderabad, or Sukkur, get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible in order to get vaccinated against the virus. Also, the government has established more than 250 centers to get yourself vaccinated, while the need of CNIC to get jabbed is also lifted. Now you can get yourself vaccinated by showing any kind of ID proof like passport, driver’s license, etc.

NADRA won’t Serve

NADRA is the national database that keeps, holds and manages the record of individual citizens of the state. The department has announced that they will no longer serve anyone who is not vaccinated.

Everyday thousands of individual citizens go to NADRA for the essential services, and they need it to be done mandatorily. The institute stopping giving services to the wide section will cause much of the trauma and deterrence that the remaining section of the society would definitely have to get vaccinated against the virus.

You can’t Enter Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels

Last but not the least, restaurants, hotels and cafes are something that we need every day, and visit these places every now and then with family friends, or loved ones. Various international and local food out-lets, and cafes have stopped people who are not vaccinated against the coronavirus to enter into their spaces.

Can’t Fly Abroad

In my and various other people’s opinion this is the worst thing about not getting vaccinated. You won’t be able to board and plane and fly to your destination. Almost every airline has banned the entry of people who are not vaccinated, and also the international airports and the host countries both are of the same opinion that no one who isn’t vaccinated should be allowed to land into their country without getting vaccinated.


Covid-19 is a deadly virus and it has killed millions of people in the world. If not killed, it has made them paralyzed or disabled. It is our national obligation to get ourselves vaccinated against the virus to save us and our children from this deadly disease. Also, getting jabbed won’t only save you from getting infected; it will also make you not carry any virus with you, which ultimately saves the rest of the population against the virus.

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