How to Beat the Heat This Summer in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Beat the Heat This Summer in Bahria Town

Summers have been into the full boom for the past one month and scorching heat has made everyone uncomfortable in one way or other. There doesn’t seem any other option to relying on in order to fight this much of heat. As the meniscus crosses the level of 40 degree Celsius, it is becoming more and more uncomfortable for the residents to reside into. Also, the heatstroke that has recently appeared in Pakistan is taking the health and lives from the people away. In such a weather the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad seem more interested in doing activities across their hometown that could help them beat the effects of this heatstroke.

Indoors can be cooled by the help of modern devices and gadgets like Air Conditioners, Room Coolers, and many such things; however, the moment you leave the house you are hit by scorching sun that is potent enough to rip your soul away.

If you are someone who is irritated by blazing hot summers and want to do something to make yourself cool and comfortable, you have come to the right place. We are going to guide you about what activities you can do to lessen this amount of heat that you are feeling.

Swimming in the pools

The first activity that we have on the list today is going to the pool for the sake of swimming. You can find tens of pools all over the Bahria Town where you can go for the sake of swimming. Actually, swimming is very healthy activity and also it is known to reduce stress and the body heat. If you are a swimmer, or you know the basics of swimming then you are good to go, but if you are totally unaware of the techniques they use to swim, you can also enjoy in the shallower parts of the pool, and also with floating equipment that they provide.

As said, there are various private and Bahria owned pools that you can easily find in the Bahria town, but the one that I personally recommend to everyone is the Safari Club Pool. There are certain reasons that it has become my favorite, lately. The first reason is that it is easily accessible from any phase of Bahria town, I reside in Phase 4 and it doesn’t take me more than 7-10 minutes to reach the pool by car. Secondly, the pool is well-equipped, and loaded with latest technologies, like it is temperature controlled, always clean by self-cleaning mechanism, has filtered water, and the capsule is also temperature controlled for added luxury and comfort. And lastly, it is very inexpensive that anyone with a mild to medium income range can also get a monthly subscription, at least for the peak heated 3 months.

Eat at a Fancy Restaurant

I know summer is all drinking and very less eating, but you can enjoy your food as well if the ambiance is cool and natural. For that purpose you can visit the hamlet side of Bahria to enjoy your meals. Like for the residents of phase 7-9, Bahria spring north is a great option. You can also find plenty of great restaurants over there where you can enjoy the serene atmosphere, natural ambience and delicious food.

For the residents of phase 1-6, we recommend civic center. You can find a number of exquisite and premium restaurants in the vicinity, where you can enjoy your scrumptious meals with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Plan a Tour de North

If none of the aforementioned plans work for you then we recommend that you should definitely plan a tour to north. Pakistan has been blessed by all the natural beauty and calmness by nature, which is very rate to find in other countries. For example you can find a great number of natural, serene and green areas, deserts, mountains, glaciers, and much much more.

There are various options that you can consider before arranging or even planning you tour de north. For example, the factors that can influence your decision are the time that you can spend outside the town, the money that you have in pockets, number of people that you are taking, and how ease-loving you are.

Murree/Nathia Gali

If you want to go for a short trip like same day, or even one night stay, and the budget that you have isn’t that much, then the best thing you can do is visit Murree. Murree is known throughout Pakistan for its natural and green environment, mountains and cold weather that we have there.

You can also visit Nathia Gali, Ayubia, or patriata in the same trip with a little more love for nature and money that you should have in your pockets to spend.

Naran Kaghan/Shogran

If you have 2 more days to spend then you can visit Naran, Kaghan, or Shogran. These are also beautiful places located within KPK, and you can find the inhabitants welcoming, and adequate quality and quantity of hospitality services, including stay, locomotion, and food can be found here.

Swat, Kalam, Malam Jabba, Hunza, Gilgit

These are all the locations in Pakistan that are gifted heavily by the almighty. You can visit these too if you have a week or so free for the sake of travelling and recreational tours, and also you have few lacs to do so. Because tour de north, especially in peak season are EXPENSIVE!


Since the summer is in full bloom, and everything including the animals and the trees are burning outside, it becomes an obligation to beat this heat. There’s not everything bad about the summers, summers do bring heat and sweat but it also brings mangoes along. You can enjoy the yummiest king of the fruit sitting in your dining hall, and what on earth is better than this. And also, the fruit makes the best summer drinks. You can also shine in the summer and enjoy your summers staying in the Bahria Town, and all you need is a fine sense of researching and enjoying. If you still have any queries please feel free to leave them in the comment section, we will try to respond to them as soon as possible.

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