Where to Invest Near New Islamabad International Airport

Invest near New Islamabad International Airport

When it comes to the real estate investments or investing into the property, everyone wants to choose a location that is easily accessible and also that pays great ROI to the investors. Owing to this mindset, any property that falls closer to the airport or other civic center earns great liquidity. Apart from this, the societies which have a direct access from highways, motorway, or ring road are also considered to be into the very league. Same is the case with New Islamabad International Airport, the moment it was announced the investor community seems tending towards this great investment opportunity in property near Islamabad Airport.

Although, the capital city of Islamabad is known widely and secures a great reputation in the market owing to the serene and natural landscape that it has, the announcement of the airport alongside the Rawalpindi Ring Road opened new gates for business opportunities and property investments. Also, buying your own property in the capital city is a subtle dream of everyone, and they desire to live in here.

Previously, all the flight operations that were carried away in the capital city were through the Islamabad International Airport located near the Chaklala Garrison. But after the formal launch of New Islamabad International Airport in the year 2018, all of the operations were conducted from the new Airport. This made a boom in the property market in the vicinity and the investors seemed quite interested in investing their capital in these areas to multiply their capital gains.

Similarly, various new housing projects were launched in the vicinity that enjoys the close proximity with the New Islamabad International Airport. Another thing that adds to the benefit of making any investments in these areas is that if a property stays close to the New Islamabad International Airport, it also falls near the Kashmir Highway, Motorway M-2, and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

But one thing that pops in everyone’s mind is that with every passing day number of societies are launching in this area and it becomes quite a daunting task for the investors to look for the best investment options and a credible place where they stay sure that the money they put in won’t be lost. To make this clear, we have brought a joint list of societies that are available for sale in this area, and also which have trusted developers and have a strong credibility in the market.

Top City – 1, Rawalpindi

The nearest society to the Islamabad International Airport that resides on the main link that connects Islamabad with the airport is the top city 1 housing project. The project is welcomed by the investor community and they have been seen plunging over it like hot cakes. The project is also almost sold and very few plots are available there for the sale purpose. This is due to the fact that the project is conceived by the market readily, and investors from all across the Pakistan, and even overseas started booking in bulk.

The society is spread across 700 hectares of land and is situated right on the gateway of the airport, but this is not all, the project has been accepted readily by the investors due to it being present at the conjunction of M-1 and M-2. Another thing that everyone looks for into a society is the legal status of it, and top city being one of the first real estate projects of its kind in the vicinity has managed to attain its NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

The project is one of the most sought out real estate option in town for the diversity and variety of the product that they offer. You can find the residential plots of plot sizes 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal. In addition to this, various private real estate developers have started high rises in the society and are selling the apartments and commercial spaces at much reduced rates to the customers.

The facilities you can find here are also too many in number and you get a lot in the package. The community is fully gated with 24/7 CCTV surveillance that is provided to the residents which ensure a safe and secure living of the residents. Also, the electric power supply lines are underground that minimize the risk of getting shock to your children who play outside. And this is not all, you get a lot more than you thing in the society. Find out what you get and what you leave by contacting us through the contact us button on the website.

Mumtaz City

Next we have on the list is the Mumtaz City, which is quite popular in the market for similar reasons. The society is welcomed and trusted y the investor community all over Pakistan for several reasons, while one of it is the same that it holds a great location. Mumtaz City stays very close to the New Islamabad International Airport which makes it one of the best investment opportunities nearby. Also, it enjoys a very close proximity with Kashmir Highway, and the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2.

Mumtaz City is also known widely throughout the town for the natural and serene environment that it offers. This is also a reason why everyone seems to be interested in getting a property over here. Moreover, the society also has a very favorable location for the overseas Pakistanis as it won’t take them more than 10 minutes to reach to their home after landing on the airport.

The development work in the society has already been completed, and 90% of the residential units and block have been sold. It is to mention here that the society offered a great number of plots of sizes 5, 7, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal as it is spread in an area of around 3000 kanal. These plots are available on paying a little amount as own, which is justified for all good reasons. Unlike this, you can find a great very number of commercial plots and units available in the town on the old rates as the society has recently offered them, and you may get yours at a very reasonable price.

The facilities and amenities that you can find in the society are also market competitive at much lower price. To name a few, underground electric power supply system, modern designed sewerage system, and solar powered street lamps are worth mentioning here. Moreover, the society has indigenous schooling facilities for your children backed by educational institutes of international fame. And also, you can find healthcare and educational institutes for you and your family.


After the formal announcement of the New Islamabad International Airport, the prospects of getting property in the vicinity for greater capital gains have seen a boom. Similar, is the case with the private properties that were available in the specified area. But for the consumers to know that what and where they should buy we have brought this detailed post on the closest housing projects that have got a nice outlook and greater credibility in the market. If you are someone who is looking for an investment opportunity nearby be it Mumtaz city or Top City – 1, or any other housing project you can contact us through the contact us page. Our very responsive team will be more than happy to respond to your queries.

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