Jalozai Housing Scheme, Nowshera; A project of NPHP

Jalozai Housing Scheme

Ever since the Pakistan’s premier has taken the charge and occupied the topmost seat of the state, he has been in the constant struggle to boost the lower and middle class sections of the society. The incumbent government seems like it is all into the projects that will boost the living standards and class of the low-income groups be them belonging to the government as well as private sector. The PM has announced several projects under the Ehsaas Program that was launched to cater the needs of most unheard and long forgotten strata of the society. EKBNS and similar projects are in function since long ago to provide some relief to the low income class of the society.

Naya Pakistan Housing Project (NPHP) is also a part of the plan and it is one of the most important projects for the premier where he has been taking keen interest in order to make it easier for the low income class to build their own roofs on their heads. Although the process of building homes for a person who doesn’t have enough resources was a much daunting task in the past, the incumbent government has left no stone unturned to make it quite accessible for them.

Many housing projects under the banner of NPHP are announced every now and then, and they are also located in almost every major city of Pakistan. Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sargodha and Multan were previously seen enjoying all the benefits of this program. Recently the government got the urge to uplift the low-income class in the KPK province and they have announced the Jalozai Housing Scheme, Nowshera under the umbrella of Naya Pakistan Housing Project (NPHP).

Highlights of Jalozai Housing Scheme, Nowshera

Jalozai Housing Scheme is a sub-urban class of a housing project that is carried out under the constant surveillance of government of Pakistan. Actually, suburbs and suburban projects are in great demand in Pakistan, and this property investment type is already prevalent in the country. There are several reasons to the notion and one of the foremost and prime reasons is to allure the middle class of the society, which is always in maximum number in any society.

In the first phase the federal government of Pakistan, in collaboration with the provincial government of Pakistan has acquired the land and is planning to construct an elegant housing society for the citizens of Pakistan. The reason to acquiring land in the suburbs is that the land won’t cost a lot and the end product that is received by the end user will be way lesser than that of what you pay in the private or public infrastructure.

Location of Jalozai Housing Scheme

The location of Jalozai Housing Scheme is not yet fully disclosed by the government or NPHP authorities. Owing to the fact that KPK has a wide array of empty land and this one of the many commodities that isn’t scarce in the area. It is also hoped and anticipated that the location of the Jalozai Housing Scheme will somewhat around the Nowshera, KPK in the suburban lands of the city on the either side. But one thing that is known to everyone is that the Jalozai Housing Scheme will not be located very much far away from the city. As the project is being backed by the government of Pakistan, this also implies that it won’t be very much far from the main city.

Pricing of Jalozai Housing Scheme

As the Jalozai Housing Scheme is not one of the high-end real estate projects, it is housing scheme that is constructed in order to accommodate the low-income class of the society. That’s a reason why the pricing of Jalozai Housing Scheme is not that much high and is to be easily affordable by the people who are not earning much. One more thing that has to be mentioned here is that the society will distribute the residential units only to the people who have won it through the draws. Like all the other housing projects that are governed by the state, Jalozai Housing Scheme will also have a lucky draw where the applicants will have to get themselves scrutinized on the basis of their luck.

Afterwards, the lucky winners who have successfully won the draw will have to pay for the plots that they want to buy. The prices of the units those are available in the Jalozai Housing Scheme are not yet disclosed however it is being said that the prices will be way cheaper than the private sector.

The premier has already communicated that the federal government is already giving a subsidy of PKR 3 lac in every unit that is being sold in the project. This determines a much disparity in the financial crisis that is currently going on in Pakistan. And that’s not all, in addition to the subsidy that the government is providing on the purchase of each unit in the Jalozai Housing Scheme, the premier has also announced that the interest rate that the consumer will have to pay back will be locked at 3%, which makes it way lesser than the rates that are already available in the market.

Master Plan of Jalozai Housing Scheme

Last but not the least is the master plan of the Jalozai Housing Scheme, and this is worth mentioning here that the complete master plan of the society has not yet been shared by the developers or the government. However, very few in number of details are shared with the general public till now and certain things get clear with it. Rest assured that the project is being carried out by the state bodies and authorities and the chances of any fraudulent activity or any unfavorable mishap are lesser to none.

Till now, ValueProperty has found that the total land that has been acquired by the government of KPK for the Jalozai Housing Scheme project under the banner of NPHP is around 10,000 kanal. Although, the area is not quite much as compared with the other private and public housing projects however, as per the government’s plan it is quite enough to develop what they want into this area. The government’s plan in the initial phase is to construct apartment complexes of the standard sizes and shapes. These complexes will be loaded with all the basic requirements of living, and also the pricing plan for Jalozai Housing Scheme will be quite affordable for everyone who is not earning a lot of revenue. These apartments will be given to the end user and also they will get to reside into these as soon as the installment plan finishes. The limited information that has yet been dispensed to the general public is that the apartment complexes will have 3-5 floors, but the available sizes and unit structures are not yet disclosed by the authorities.

Requirements to Buy in Jalozai Housing Scheme

As the project of Jalozai Housing Scheme that was announced and is administered by the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority NPHP is solely for the low-income class of the society, that’s why the government is taking every measure to assure that the apartments reach to the grass root level and no investor or real estate business entities exploit the market by getting through it.

That’s a reason why they have set certain limitations for the people who will get the apartment in these complexes. Anyone who is earning no more than 40,000 a month is initially eligible to apply for a house in Jalozai Housing Scheme.


This was all about the pricing, location, master plan and key features of Jalozai Housing Scheme, and also we have briefly described the purchase procedure as well as the requirements to apply for your own house under NPHP. If you still have any queries feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in any regard.

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