Lahore Smart City got Approval for Railway Underpass

Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is the second smart city project in Pakistan, and first of its kind project in Lahore. The society enjoys a great reputation for being one of the most lucrative housing projects in town.

We would like to congratulate and present our heartiest wishes to all the people connected with Lahore Smart City in one form or the other on attaining the approval for the construction of railway underpass at the Main GT Road. After building the underpass the society will have a smoother and more hassle-free accessibility to the society.

As known, right beside the LSC on the GT road gate there was a railway line that used to halt the traffic flow and create hurdle to the traffic passing or entering into the society. Now, the society has got the proper permission from LDA and Planning Commission that allows them to construct an underpass at the railway crossing point.

This construction of underpass right beside the primary gate of the society will not only remove the hurdles for the traffic entering into Lahore Smart City, but also it will provide ease of travelling to the passer by traffic or pedestrian. Congratulations to the whole team and wishing them the best for their future endeavors.

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