A Detailed Overview of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan


Ever since the incumbent government has taken the charge, it has been enchanting “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” for so long. Initially, we were all unaware of the term and didn’t have much knowledge of how is the government going it real. But the recent endeavors of the government have started revealing much about their plans of action, and priorities about Pakistan.

One such example of it is Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP). This program is initiated by the government specifically to lift the lower stratum of the society. For the individual who have a low income and can’t afford to have their own home or a roof on their heads, this program is none less than a blessing for them. People from low income group can and have started benefitting from this program in good numbers.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan Details

Under NPHP Loan Program individual with low income, usually those who belong to the lower, or lower middle stratum of the society, can get loans from banks. The loan amount ranges to PKR 10 Million. With this amount individuals will be able to construct their houses, or buy plots, or even they can acquire a residential apartment to start their lives there. The loan payback period is about 20 years and markup stay somewhere between 3pc to 5pc. One more thing that is to mention here is that you just have to pay the 20pc of the house’s price and rest of the 80pc is paid by the government itself. Government has also proclaimed that the loan amount will be increased in the future and also the payment plan is going to reduce further for the ease of the citizens.

No other bank or House Building Financing Company is offering loan with such easy and flexible plans. Government has partnered with all the banks operating in Pakistan, including the conventional and Islamic banks to provide these loans to the residents. Government has joined hands with the State Bank of Pakistan to help them in the successful and hassle-free progression of the project. SBP on the other hand has ordered all the private sector banks to establish dedicated counters for provision and reception of the forms regarding Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan.

Prospect Connected with NPHP

NPHP won’t only help the middle and lower class income groups to build a roof on their heads, rather on the other hand this will also open doors to new development in the country. As acclaimed this will be one of the largest real estate projects and there is a direct involvement of the Government of Pakistan, and other state operated bodies.

In addition, around 5 Million houses are anticipated to be constructed in this project. This will open new doors of development in Pakistan, open employment opportunities for the real estate sector, and provide a great source of income to the construction sector.

Governing Bodies of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan

Since the Government of Pakistan is directly governing this project, this has been the most trustable and worthy project in current times. The government has already partnered with SBP to dispense the loans to the individuals, and maintain a steady cash flow to the residents afterwards. Moreover, state agencies are also in action that will counter any tries to liquidate or misuse the project in any regard.

These loans can be applied from all the commercial banks, registered and operating under state bank of Pakistan. Moreover, government has also engaged Islamic banks and private sector House Building Finance Company Limited (HBFCL) for the scrutiny and steady dispensing of the funds to the individuals. Despite government’s all these efforts, it is now the responsibility of the citizens to keep a close watch on all the events happening nearby and take any counter measures staying within their own capacity.

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