Online Open Courts by CDA; A Step towards Safe Investments


Capital Development Authority was established as an apex body under CDA ordinance in 1960s for the development of federal capital of Pakistan at that time, and that was Islamabad. CDA has taken the charge of all the necessary development chores, planning, designing and constructing of the capital city. Since then CDA has been actively taking part in the development and construction the city. They have constructed endless housing, commercial and offices buildings. In addition, they also have constructed small bridges, flyovers, underpasses and much for provision of connectivity to the citizens of Pakistan, and especially to the residents of Islamabad.

Open Courts by CDA

In wake of the novel coronavirus Covid-19, recently CDA has opened online courts for the fast and steady operation for the citizens of Pakistan. On the special orders of the premiere of Pakistan, CDA is ordained to establish an open court where citizens will shoot with their issues and the CDA is directed to resolve the matter on priority basis.

Initially, this court is directed to hear the matters related to sewerage or sanitation systems, faults in them, or clogging whatsoever. The courts are readily working on these and are taking residents’ complaints. Also, in the second phase it is anticipated that the court will hear to the property disputes and CDA’s management issues in the next phases. This very court is established in order to bring the residents and CDA staff closer, and do the chores in a speedy and hassle-free manner amid the recent wave of Covid-19.

While, in the past Authority had also established and online e-Katcheri for the similar purposes. But the main subject of debate on that was the mishandling (if any) conducted by the land directorate or the CDA officials. Later, formal one-to-one sessions were also held in the said office in order to dispense the rights in most favorable way.

How to Submit Complaints to CDA

The apex body has unanimously established the hotline for the speedy resolution of common civic matters in greater public interest. If you are facing any such issue regarding the sanitation or sewerage in your area you are also recommended to lodge your complaint immediately to the authorities. Here are the key elements of online open court and the procedure to lodge your complaints.

  1. Visit from your mobile or desktop browser.
  2. Lodge your complaint in the form of a DM with proper subject written above.
  3. Don’t forget to mention your name, area and preferable mode of communication.
  4. CDA will communicate with you through these modes so fill it carefully.
  5. Press send to register your complaint with CDA online complaint desk.

The reason of setting up these lines is that the work was piling up in the past due to Covid-19 and this method will reduce the workload on the employees and complainants. And, will also help the individuals get their issues resolved who are in dire need.

For any queries and confusions regarding this system or any other real estate issues please shoot your queries in the Direct Message, or contact us through any of our listed telephone numbers. You can also ask any questions in the comment section below, one of the member from our expert team will surely love responding to you on this matter.

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