Complete Guide to Online Tenants Registration System Punjab

Online Tenants Registration

If you have to move away from your family and hometown in order to seek for the upward mobility in the social pattern, then you are not alone. Everyday thousands of people relocate in order to seek better future prospects for them and their families. The trend of relocation is the highest in Punjab compared with the other provinces, and states in Pakistan.

This is due to the reason that Punjab is a province with immense natural and God-gifted resources and people do move towards it for better employment or business conditions. Whenever a person leaves their hometown and comes to Punjab, he has to stay as a tenant. All of us, at some point in our life, have stayed as a tenant.

In recent past, the Punjab government with the help of Punjab Police has started a formal way of tenancy agreement and tenant registration. Keeping in view the growing crime rate that has become hegemonic due to the immense urbanization carried out in Punjab the state bodies had to take this action. Read through the lines to know the complete procedure of tenant verification process in Punjab.

For the tenants’ convenience this process has been kept very easy. For someone who has a little knowhow about IT and computers can easily do it online, while someone who is completely unfamiliar with these things, can also have it done directly on the desk. Following lines will guide you more briefly about the whole procedure.

Process of Tenant Registration System in Punjab

As discussed, the process of tenant registration has been kept very simple for the residents of Punjab. You will be in need of the following document for tenant registration.

Required Documents:

  • A photocopy of tenant’s CNIC
  • A photocopy of Property Owner’s CNIC
  • A copy of Rental agreement on 50 rupees stamp paper
  • Recent photographs of both parties (lender and tenant)
  • Make another set, you will need it one day

Krayanama or form 1612

After having the above mentioned documents with you, you will now need a Krayanama, tenant registration form or form 1612, whatever you want to call it. You can get this form directly from the nearest police station or you can also simply download it from Punjab police website. Get this form printed on a 50 rupees stamp paper and fill in all the required details that it has.

Tenant Registration Fee

Punjab Police or The government of Punjab has not set any fee for this process. However, if someone asks for a fee that would totally be illegal. In that case you should immediately lodge a complaint against that specific black sheep.

Online Tenant Registration

Once the form is filled and the required documents are attached, the complete set is then given to the officer on duty in the PS. It takes not more than 30 minutes for the process to complete, after that one copy of the documents will be given to you after being stamped, while the other one is kept as a police copy in the police station. You can now come back home with a peace of mind.

How Does a Tenant Remove Himself?

For any reason, if the tenant leaves the property, then there is no great chore on him to do. He just has to visit the very same police station where he registered himself to request that he is withdrawing. After hardly 3 minutes of the paperwork including mainly signatures, he can just come back with all the chores done.

If you have any queries regarding tenant registration process in Punjab, you can leave a comment in the section below. Our expert team of consultants will be more than happy to help you in any regard.

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