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Overseas Pakistanis including the expats and dual-nationals although work outside Pakistan but they always have a soft corner for Pakistan. Many of the few want to get back to Pakistan immediately after they cross the benchmark once, which they already have in their mind. As soon as they cross that yardstick and start packing up and looking for opportunity to back to their beloved homeland before wasting much time living abroad, away from their friends and family. For the purpose of getting back to their hometown the best way that anyone would find, is owning a commercial as well as residential property in Pakistan that ensures a smooth and hassle-free life when they get back home.

ValueProperty, due to this reason, has set up an unmatched system that benefits the overseas Pakistanis a lot. VP doesn’t only help them buy and sell their properties in Pakistan; rather the highly diligent and experienced team helps them manage the property. The team also provides the services of managing the property on their behalf and let them do their chores without getting into any hassle. If you are an overseas Pakistani who resides abroad but wants to get property, be it commercial or residential, for the sake of capital gain or residential purposes then you are at the right page. We have been writing this post today for all the expats so when they get back home they would have their property here to rely on.

Property Market in Pakistan

Pakistan has the most powerful real estate market. We call it powerful as it has the power to make and break within a very short span of time. But, by calling this we don’t want to compare it to the hit and error businesses or any sort of a gamble, God forbid. Real estate investments are the safest form of the investments currently available on the face of planet earth. “The best investment on earth is earth itself”, makes much of the things easier for anyone who is up for buying any property already. This is a safer form of investment as this is one of the very few assets that one owns which do not get stolen, or carried away.

To make the most out of it, you just have to spot the lucrative and profit-making projects. And, this is where you would need ValueProperty the most.

ValueProperty Online Property Buy and Sell

ValueProperty doesn’t only bring forward the most remunerative projects in the market, but also it helps you make the purchase decision, and do all the paperwork by their own self. They provide you with the perfect business model that the specific housing project or any real estate project is following and also elaborates by the help of the research and resources about the future of a certain project.

Buy through the Trusted Seller

ValueProperty is one of the oldest property consultation businesses working in all the major cities of Pakistan, including Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Headquartered in Bahria Town Phase 7, Islamabad, the company has partnered with the major real estate developers, and construction firms including the high-end and top-notch residential as well as commercial projects being done within the state.

This implies that ValueProperty is not only selling the products that they have in their hand, while the company also has the newer products that are announced the top real estate development firms.

Before you just make any decision you can surely have a look at the diverse real estate portfolio that the company has in order to validate what you are going before.

Seamless Property Purchase Process for Expats

Another thing that is notable in this regard is that the company provides its clients with the ease of making purchases and selling their property by staying abroad, and having no need to be physically present on the premise. This is all done online through the very social platforms that you use every day on your smartphones.

You just have to choose from the list that what type of asset you want to buy, then you just have to the send the required documents along with the payment, while the rest of the process will be done through their end, on your behalf.

Requirements for Buying Property Online in Pakistan

Once you get enough knowledge about a certain project and you seem interested in taking part in their business rest of the procedure including the documents and the paperwork is easy like ABC. Previously, it wasn’t possible for an overseas Pakistani to buy a property in Pakistan, rather they had to produce the income proof, as well as return file from the taxation department, but now, by virtue of this government’s lenient policies towards the real estate industry this has been made easy for the expats to get a property in Pakistan.

You just have to provide your agent with the following things and rest of the chore is handled by him,

  • 2 scanned passport size Pictures (White background of pictures is preferable)
  • 2 scanned copies of the next of Kin’s CNIC (The property will be transferred automatically incase the owner deceases)
  • Scanned copy of NICOP (If not valid CNIC would also work in this regard)


By looking at the preceding paragraphs you will find that all the documents that are required by the office for the transfer and purchase of plots or property can be submitted online as scanned copy. This also elucidates that you will not have to visit the office yourself in person, and the purchase can be made staying at your host country. However, if at any time you want to sell the property, you would be required to visit the office or provide someone with the “power of attorney” that enables him to make a decision on your behalf. Until then your file and papers are safe at the ValueProperty’s office and you won’t have to take any tension.

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