Perks of living in Gulberg, Lahore

Living in Gulberg Lahore

Gulberg Lahore is considered as the upmarket and chic housing society located in Lahore. The society attracts most of the people due to a number of facilities and amenities that it has to offer. Actually, Gulberg has its own vibe; whenever even a visitor visits Gulberg, the fine energy that they attract is all this area is so pricey for. In fact, it is an elegantly designed premium class housing society, where you get the peace amid all the chaos that you find in the city centers.

If you are someone who is looking to shift to a new neighborhood, and don’t know where to move, or you are just someone who is appealed and attracted by the outlook of the society then today’s post is for you. Keep reading through the lines to know more about all the perks and privileges of the society. So without any further delay, let’s dive into our main subject.

Is Gulberg an Ideal Place to Live?

This is the question that arises in many minds these days, whether they are someone residing in Lahore or someone who is just interested in moving to Lahore.

The answer to this question in one word is simply “A Yes”. And let us tell you how?

As known by many of us Gulberg has four sectors or blocks, whatever you like to say, Gulberg 1 to Gulberg 4. And each block is planned, crafted and constructed with immense diligence and expertise. Wide paved roads, 24/7 supply of water and electricity, and safe and secure gated community are few of the perks that the residents would get.

Location of Gulberg

Gulberg is the most ideally located housing society in the heart of the civic hub. It is present right in the middle of the city and is accessible from all sides of the city. Moreover, it is located very close to liberty market, main market, mini market, and Barkat market. Apart from this many offices and business centers reside very close to it and make it the most suitable locality for the businessmen and officer community to reside in.

Many private business entities have invested into the society for it has a very high potential for any business that operates within. That’s one of the reasons that how you can find eateries, shopping malls, and recreational activities in wide profusion.


Gulberg one is considered as one of the oldest and antique block that was constructed back at the times of partition. This phase has a very brief history and anyone who keeps interest would love to reside in it. This block is located right beside the famous Mian Mir Bridge and also enjoys a very close proximity with Lahore Cantt. Besides being one of the oldest blocks of Gulberg, it doesn’t seem much outdated. This is because of the reason that the authorities want to keep it up to date for future developments.


Right beside the Gulberg-1, we can a find a bigger and better block of the Gulberg, and that is Gulberg-3. We term it as bigger and better due to certain reasons. The first reason of calling it that is the wider area that this block takes and also the huge number of residents that stay within. It is located closer to MM Alam Road, which is also known as the oldest, most busy, and heavily loaded market of the Lahore. The market is also known as the epicenter of all the business activities in Lahore.


Upon going a few meters away from the Ghalib Market you can find an epitome of class having magnificent architecture and infrastructure. Phase 3 is a newer block of Gulberg Lahore and is loaded with all the modern amenities that a high-end society is asked to have.


On the left to the Ferozepur Road that leads to Lahore-Kasur highway, you can find the newly constructed and smelling fresh, a newer and fancier block of Gulberg. Gulberg-4 has the most classically built bungalows, farm houses and residential units that anyone would in love with. It is also the least densely populated block as Gulberg-4 is a well-planned sector and also newer one as compared to the other 3 blocks.

Facilities that you Get Residing in Gulberg-4

Although the society is loaded with almost all the newer, modern, and high-end facilities and amenities that any great housing project should have to offer, there also are certain facilities that need a mention. Any society is loved by the investors and residents that provide them with the peace of mind, and ease of loving. Gulberg Lahore provides this peace of mind to the inhabitants as it is a gated community that is safe and secure from the outside threats, and is located very close to markets, cuisines, parks and much more. Also, you can find various educational and healthcare facilities nearby.

Educational Facilities

Your residence enjoying a close proximity with the premium educational institutes may be one of the prime concerns that you might be having right at this moment. These concerns can’t survive for long if you choose to stay in one of the blocks from many sectors of Gulberg, Lahore.

You can find the top-class and high-end educational institutions for your children in the society. Gulberg has the campuses of elite schools like Lahore Grammar School, and Beaconhouse, where your children will be enabled to acquire diverse standards of education.

Apart from that the HEC’s regional office is located within this society, and also you can find the Forman Christian College in the society.

Healthcare Facilities

After educational facilities, the second main thing that the residents would look for in a housing society where they are going to move is the availability of the healthcare institutes and facilities nearby or within. Gulberg, Lahore has more than 15 hospitals nearby that cover almost the whole of the society.


If you are primarily looking for a reason to relocate to Gulberg, Lahore to make it your new home address, we have provided you with many. Considering these, it is well established fact that Gulberg is one of the most posh and high-end societies within Lahore, and make the best choice for living. Also, keeping in view all the facilities that is has to offer we believe that the prices bit at the higher side justify themselves.

Still if you have any queries regarding the real estate in general or Gulberg, Lahore in particular, leave it in the comment section below. Our highly diligent team will come in contact with you as soon as possible to respond to any of your queries.

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