Plot or Apartment; What is more Profitable Investment?

Plot or Apartment

There is always a question that arises in mind of every person that comes from the investment community that what type of investments are more lucrative and where do they need to invest their hard earned capital. Based on various factors like, liquidity, appreciation and customization options, we have tried to come to a conclusion. See, there is no black and white while deciding what the best investment option is. Everything has its own pros and cons while pros for one may be cons for the other. To make this a little more clear we have decided to pen down the pros and cons to make our readers able to decide what is a more profitable investment between plots and apartments.

Differences between Plot and Apartment or Flat

First of all, we will list down every known difference between a plot and an apartment.

Plot Apartment
Customizable Lesser customization scope
High liquidity Low liquidity
Easy transfer Takes time and paperwork in transfer
May use higher quality Compromised build quality
Size and design constraints Can be designed as per choice
Greater appreciation Requires maintenance, and building depreciates too.


Plots are free spaces of land usually coming within a society that the occupant may customize according to their whims and wishes. The owner takes all the leverage of designing, molding, and constructing the property as per their own choice.

This case is different for the apartments. Apartments are usually predesigned and constructed units that are to be sold to the individuals and the leverage for customization is very much limited in them. The occupants or investors may not customize them according to their choice.


As per the growing need of free land for the people to construct their house, the plots experience a greater value in terms of appreciation. As the plots are empty pieces of land that can be bought anytime, and buyer can start constructing whatever he wants, according to their very own choices.

However, this is not same in the case of apartments, as the value of an apartment decreases with time. This is due to the fact that the building’s value depreciates with time. And another thing that is to be mentioned here is the maintenance that you have to do in an apartment is way more than that in plots, rather you can hold a plot for as long as you won’t without spending a single penny.

Build Quality

Usually, apartments are built for the sake of selling that’s why the build quality is not always up to the mark, while you can keep the quality of your own construction high and as per you want. This is the main difference because of what people tend lesser towards the apartment complexes. However, this is not true all the time. Some reputable companies do not do this as they have to build credibility in the market so they keep the build quality as high as possible.

Transfer Procedure

The transfer procedure for plots is easier as compared with that of for an apartment. Usually the plots get transferred through a single paper only while for apartment there is quite a lot of the paper work that is involved in it. That’s the reason why people tend more towards plots and lesser towards the apartments.


Last but not the least, the plots are usually expensive and possession plots are available on lump sum payment only. One has to pay all the amount of total price of a plot all at once to the seller. However, this is not the case with apartments. You can buy apartments on installments too. Due to this reason, people who have lesser income, or they are coming from low-income group are inclined more towards the apartments.

We have listed a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of buying an apartment or a flat. After reading this post you’ll be able to decide which one is the better investment between plots and apartments, depending upon your choice. Some investments have greater liquidity, while others involve lesser capital blockade. Now it is all up to you that which factors you consider before actually making a choice. We always recommend looking for more profitable investment options before actually putting your capital into them.

We believe that after reading through these lines you will be able to take the decision on yourself about the more profitable investments in the real estate market. However, if you still have any confusion or ambiguity, feel free to contact us. Leave your query in the comment section below. One of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible. We are always looking forward to help you in this regard.

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