Proposed Master Plan for Lahore – 2050

Master Plan for Lahore

The provincial capital of the province of Punjab, Lahore holds a great economic as well as historic significance in Pakistan. Also, the city in known widely all over the country, as it holds a great importance when it comes to offering employment opportunities to the people. Every day thousands of people migrate towards the city of Lahore in order to seek job and business opportunities from all over the country. It has also been observed that the city is not only famous in Pakistan, but also it holds a greater reputation in the market. This argument is solidified by the fact that Lahore is a home for many international brands, and not only this, it also holds enormous international functions and events. The business conferences and summits that are hosted by Lahore are also worth mentioning here, in addition with the sports and cultural festivals that we get to see here.

Lahore has its own colors, culture, traditions and fragrance, and that is also a reason that it attracts every one and anyone towards its center. However, if a city is loved by this much of the population, it automatically makes it a dense place to be into. This is definitely not that the per capita availability in the city is any less or the land is a scarce commodity in here, rather the mismanagement and haphazard distribution of population throughout the city is the biggest and most major issue of Lahore.

The province of Punjab, that means the land of 5 rivers, is known for the fertile agricultural land. The center of all the trade and business that is being conducted from within and outside the province is all done through the capital and that’s why it needs to be more appropriate and modernly designed. This will not only have a very fine economic effect on the country, but also it is going to attract many foreign or overseas investors to seek for any investment opportunities within the city.

Lahore Master plan – 2020

Like every city Lahore also had a master plan for the year 2020, which when evaluated by foreign neutral bodies implied different areas that need to be upgraded in order to get a brighter use of the city and the resources that were present all within. It was also found that haphazard distribution of population throughout the city is posing some serious harms and threats to the citizens and also it jeopardizes every effort that is made in pursuit of the happiness. The existing conditions of the city were analyzed and recorded as per the five divisions that were land and housing management, traffic, sustainability, governance and economics.

In every aspect the city has to be improved or rather you can say that the policies have to be revamped on every line to bring the best on the paper and practically.

Lahore Master Plan – 2050

The authorities and all the major stakeholders of the city are looking forward in order to outsource the developmental project of the city and are looking into the matter with keen interest. As per law the tenders will soon be announced and a private of PPP firm will be selected to hand over the project for speedy and perfect delivery of the required work in the given time-frame. The chosen firm will be needed to foster an all-inclusive strategy for Lahore, and it will likewise be needed to give territorial plans of metropolitan settlements.

Furthermore, the extent of work similarly requires an essential improvement plan, execution system and rules, observing and assessment structure and correspondence and meeting plan. Being the second-biggest city in the country, Lahore has a gigantic advancement potential that it will keep on getting a charge out of due to being a business and exchange center, proficient and instructive focus, transportation courses, closeness to rustic regions and history and culture. Lahore is an overflowing city, notwithstanding, in contrast to Karachi; its capacity to extend its boundaries is very restricted. Accordingly, specialists need to guarantee that land in Lahore is used proficiently to amplify any benefits that are currently being subjugated in the state territories.

Latest Update on Master Plan

A new step has been taken forward for the completion of Lahore Master Plan – 2050. The incumbent government, like all the previous ones seems much interested and involved in the development of Punjab, and specifically Lahore. The design aspect of the great project is granted to the “Dar Al-Handasah”, that is a Lebanon based construction consultancy firm and has much of its time spent in the industry doing endeavors like civil engineering, architecture design, production planning and project management cores.

The firm also holds a greater reputation in the market as it is one of the very fines and oldest companies working in this regard. They started their operations back in the year 1955, and since then it is doing great on the canvas of international real estate development. Till now, the gigantic firm has around 40-50 offices globally and the employee count must be somewhere around 8000-9000. The plan was actually to sum it all up before the year 2040, but a decade was later added as the extensive revamping project of around $750 million is no small task to be performed. The tender bids were invited to review last year and three mega construction firms took part in it, while after the extensive routine scrutiny, the project was allocated to “Dar Al-Handasah”.


The destinations spread out for Lahore Master Plan – 2050 have been set by the cutting edge needs of the city. This not just incorporates development of the city, framework, and economy, rather it is in holistic form to cover the all-over aspects of infrastructural development. In addition, it traces other characterizing parts of the city which lay the basics of the foundation of an up-market society for a content lifestyle of the residents.

The development of the Master Plan for Lahore 2050 is as yet in its development stage and will allegedly require something like a year more to finish. The arrangement will be complete and cover each angle like traffic, lodging, framework, mechanical regions and so on so far there has been just one update that has been given out by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Chairman.

The new ground breaking strategy will have new modern regions to take into account the arising needs of spaces for the residential area in and around the city. As of now, there are just two modern regions in Lahore which are Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate and Sundar Industrial Estate. By and by, both these modern homes have arrived at their full limit while the interest for industrial land is persistently expanding a result of which the expense of mechanical land has additionally expanded multi-folds.

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