Pakistan Real Estate Forecast For The Year 2021


Real Estate Business in Pakistan:

Pakistan real estate industry has experienced a sudden boom. People are now more interested than ever before in investing in the real estate giants. This is mainly because completely new structure and shape have been given to the housing societies in Pakistan. Some of the real estate properties host high rise buildings with beautiful infrastructure. Many other housing schemes have been transformed into amazing societies. These societies host huge residential and commercial plots and also provide various facilities to the residents. 

An upward trend in investing into the properties has been observed, in the leading cities of Pakistan. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi have undergone major technological advancements. With the help of new and upgraded technology, a number of housing projects have been constructed in these mega cities. These modern housing societies have attracted a lot of people. Therefore, people have started to invest in real estate business, and this particular industry of Pakistan has started to grow.

Real Estate Prospects for the year 2021:

The real estate industry of Pakistan is emerging rapidly. The current year (2020) witnessed major downfall in terms of economic conditions. Covid 19 greatly impacted almost all the industrial sectors of Pakistan. The economic conditions were not stable too. Despite all this, real estate investments were still made in Pakistan. The low interest rate was seen as an opportunity by most of the investors, and therefore they invested in housing schemes and properties.

As 2020 is towards its end, we look forward to another year. This time everyone’s hoping and praying that the new year is not as bad as the current year. According to the real estate experts, the upcoming year 2021 will bring new investments in the real estate sector of Pakistan. This is mainly because people have seen increase in the value of residential and commercial plots over the years. Return on investment is also very high. Investors tend to gain huge profits after 4 to 5 years of investment. All these factors are attracting more and more investors. Therefore the real estate industry will certainly grow in Pakistan. People will most likely consider investing in the upcoming housing projects.

Factors that influence investment choices:

A lot of factors determine people’s interest in investment. These factors will be discussed below:

  • Firstly, before investing in a property, people tend to observe the economic conditions very closely. Interest rate, government policies and taxation rules greatly impact investment decisions.
  • Location of the property is also taken into account. If a person aims at a successful venture while investing, he/she must closely study the geographic and strategic importance of the location. This is mainly because the best location in town will increase the value of your plots, while a bad location may cause a negative impact.
  • Upcoming or latest housing schemes are preferred by the investors. This is mainly because the latest housing schemes are built with latest technology, and aim to provide great value in return of money. 
  • Another important factor that people tend to take into account is the total area and layout of the housing scheme. Spacious areas with loads of facilities definitely attracts the investors,

Real Estate Industry of Punjab:

Punjab is a well-known province of Pakistan. The province is famous for the beautiful sceneries and lush green landscapes. In recent times, Punjab has experienced major developmental projects. Government has fully utilized their resources and is working to improve the infrastructure of this province.

As far as the real estate sector is considered, Punjab has a lot of potential. Various housing schemes have been constructed in the leading cities of Punjab. Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad have been home to famous properties. People are also in search of modernized, lavish lifestyles. Therefore they are investing in these properties.

Best real estate investment in Rawalpindi:

Rawalpindi has seen some significant progress in the real estate sector. Quite a few housing societies have been constructed in the city, which have given it a new look and layout. 

One of the upcoming housing projects, based in Rawalpindi, is Rudn Enclave. This particular housing society is a hot investment site in Rawalpindi. The overall value and worth of this project is expected to increase in the upcoming year, 2021. This project is being developed and designed by RMRSCO Pvt Limited. The official sponsors are NesPak Pvt Limited.


Location of a housing project plays a vital role. This is the reason as to why investors tend to choose the best location for their investments. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is located at the most central location of Rawalpindi. It is located at the main Adyala Road. This particular location is already quite famous as it hosts other housing properties as well. The best part about this location is that it is easily accessible through various routes of the city. People can travel to and from other places very easily. 

Total Area and Layout:

Another thing that attracts the investors is the total area of the housing scheme. The bigger it is, the better. This is because spacious area always holds greater value. 

Rudn Enclave Housing Society is stretched over a huge area of around 3000 kanals. This spacious area is beautifully planned out already. This particular housing project will include both commercial and residential plots. Therefore the layout has been designed in a convenient way for the future residents. Certain executive blocks are a part of the plan, which will separate the commercial area from the residential area. 

Construction Work and Bookings:

Construction on site is progressing smoothly. With around 25% of the work already completed, the builders and developers aim to complete rest of the work soon. With the increasing rates and value of properties, Rudn Enclave is all set to become the best choice of the investors in 2021. Bookings for both, residential and commercial plots are open. You can avail the installment plans, as per your convenience and book lavish, luxurious plots!

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