Best Option For Real Estate Investment in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Best Option For Real Estate Investment in Rawalpindi

Real Estate Industry Pakistan:

With certain technological advancements in recent years, Pakistan has witnessed significant development in the real estate industry. This is mainly because of the secured nature of this industry; investments are secured and tend to yield greater increasing return with the passage of time.  Wise investments in property definitely yield huge profits in future. A large population of Pakistan is now interested in investing in properties, to guarantee themselves profits, which is also a source of income. 

Punjab, one of the most densely populated provinces of Pakistan is home to several real estate giants. The province is famous for its landscapes, valleys and greenery. Therefore cities in Punjab have gained great strategic importance over the last few years. Rawalpindi, one of the leading cities of Punjab, has seen major advancements in terms of luxurious housing societies. These latest housing schemes have been built on international level infrastructure, which increases its value and worth all the more. 

Factors determining the investment decisions:

Prior to making investment decisions, an investor closely studies all the factors and luxuries associated with the property.

The first and foremost factor is the location of the Property or Housing Scheme they are investing in. Ideal location along with a good layout design increase the value of property.

The next key factor is the value in return of money that the property promises to create. This value can be determined by the number of facilities a real estate property is offering to its customers or investors.

Moreover, infrastructure is also of great importance. Latest model architecture always attracts the investor. People are interested in attaining the most luxurious lifestyles for them. This is why the construction model also plays an important role.

Best Option for Investment- Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi:

Keeping the aforementioned features in mind, one project that tends to cater to all the needs of investors is Rudn Enclave Housing Society, located in Rawalpindi. Rudn Enclave is an upcoming mega housing scheme which is being developed by RMRSCO (pvt) limited. This time with Rudn Enclave, builders and developers aim to provide simply the best infrastructural facilities. This Housing Society has the potential to become THE BEST housing society of Rawalpindi. This is partly because of all the latest technology being used, and partly because the project plan has involved closely studying the needs, wants and demands of the investors before even planning it out. Both these reasons indicate that Rudn Enclave Housing Society is headed in the right direction to become the real estate giant of Rawalpindi in just few years’ time. 

Location of Rudn Enclave Housing Society:

The key factor as mentioned above is the location of a real estate property. Central location, that can be accessed easily via multiple routes, attracts a lot of investors. 

Rudn Enclave is one such mega project that enjoys a key location in the city (Rawalpindi). It is located at the main Adyala Road. Adyala Road has great strategic importance. It is one of the central locations of Rawalpindi, and also home to several existing housing societies. The best part about this location is that it can be accessed through various routes of the city. Multiple routes of the city lead to this particular road. Thus, in terms of location, Rudn Enclave certainly has an edge over other upcoming properties, and therefore it is the option for investing in real estate. 

Layout and total Area:

Another prominent feature of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is the great layout of the society. The mega housing society is spread over an area of about 3000 kanals. The area has been divided into several executive blocks. This feature will enable the investors to choose for themselves amongst various blocks within the society. The real estate giant, Rudn Enclave possesses both, residential and commercial plots under one roof. Further, for the ease and comfortability of the future residents, the society is planned to have three different entrance gates. People could reach their residents via different entrances.

Features and facilities:

Rudn Enclave Housing Society possesses several unique features, which makes it stand out when compared with other housing societies. Among the most prominent ones are international standard infrastructure, beautiful residencies and the best geographical location.

Some other facilities that will be provided within the housing society are as follows.

  • Uninterrupted supply of basic necessities; water, gas and electricity.
  • Top notch security. The builders and developers and the sponsors of this project have made it their top priority to provide enhanced security systems at each entrance.
  • Shopping centers are also a part of the plan. Rudn Enclave is one such project that tends to cater to all the needs of a perfect lifestyle. Therefore, special preference has been given to make life easy and comfortable for the residents.
  • Outdoor entertainment activities will also be promoted. Several high end restaurants are a part of the plan, in order to facilitate the residents.
  • Huge playgrounds will be constructed so that children can enjoy outdoor games within the society, and they do not have to face the hassle of commuting from one place to another.
  • The prime location of Rudn Enclave not only gives it great geographical importance but also attracts people to spend a day in recreational activities. They can enjoy their day out going for picnics or using the farmhouse facility which is also provided within the society.

All these factors and facilities undoubtedly make Rudn Enclave Investors’ Choice of 2020. This upcoming project when fully finalized, and ready, has the potential to become Rawalpindi’s best selling property.

Construction work:

Construction at Rudn Enclave is progressing smoothly. With around 25% of the work completed, the builders and developers aim to complete the project very soon. Bookings for Rudn Enclave are open. Interested investors can even avail the installment plans for their ease and convenience. The installment prices stem from as low as PKR 18000. Further pricing plans can also be accessed through the official page of Rudn Enclave.

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