Real Estate Sector Complete Analysis in Pakistan 2021

Real Estate Sector in Pakistan

Real estate is a commonly used term, which refers to investing in land or property. Real estate industry is an emerging industry of Pakistan. Various types of real estate investments common in Pakistan are:

      Commercial real estate plots

      Residential real estate plots

      Industrial real estate investment, which includes investing in huge plants or warehouses.

Pakistan’s real estate industry has seen major ups and downs in the recent decade. Previously, a high level of uncertainty was involved while investing in a property. People were doubtful and uncertain as to whether their investments would yield profits in the future or not. This uncertainty was mainly due to the unstable economic conditions of Pakistan. 

Pakistan, being a developing country, has always faced certain drawbacks economically. However, owing to the great potential of the real estate industry, Pakistanis have now started to invest in this particular business. After closely considering all the important factors, and consulting with real estate experts, they tend to invest in properties, with the aim of earning profits in the future. 

Real estate potential in Pakistan:

With the rapid technological advancements, the real estate sector of Pakistan has improved considerably. Modern layouts and infrastructure of the properties have attracted several investors.

While discussing the potential of real estate industry, it is important to emphasize that investors’ choices matter a lot. While investing in a property, an investor must consider all the monetary benefits associated with it. Investments, if made wisely, can be a source of a lucrative future for the investor in both the short and long run. 

Pakistan’s real estate sector has a lot to offer. A completely new structure and shape has been given to the property projects. Some projects host high rise buildings, while others are huge housing societies, which aim to facilitate the residents in every way possible. All these factors indicate that the real estate industry has been emerging in Pakistan at a smooth pace. It is one of the leading industries of Pakistan, and with awareness amongst people, it tends to become the most profitable one. Currently, real estate sector is contributing heavily to the GDP of Pakistan. 

However, some people are of the opinion that properties are demanding lump-sum amounts of investments in one go. This is one of the points that real estate businesses should consider. 

Factors that influence investments in the real estate industry:

Prior to investing heavy amounts into properties, people closely study the likely benefits associated with it. Not only the monetary benefits but also the economic conditions and government policies are closely considered. There are several factors that influence investment decisions:

  • First and foremost is the pricing plan of the property. Property owners who ask for huge one-time payments are disliked by the investors. Investors discourage this practice because a high level of uncertainty is involved. 
  • Easy installment plans encourage investments into the property. This is mainly because the huge burden of investment is divided into several parts.
  • Economic conditions also influence the choice of investment. High inflation rates or unstable economic conditions will cause hindrance to investment plans.
  • Moreover, government policies also play a vital role. Every now and then, government policies regarding properties tend to change. They demand heavy amounts of tax from the investors prior to purchasing the property. 

Provincial real estate analysis:

In the past few years, Sindh has experienced major improvements in terms of lifestyle. With the addition of many new housing schemes, people have upgraded their lifestyle and have been associated with this modern lifestyle. Bahria Town, Creek Vista, KDA Housing society are some of the most famous housing properties in Karachi. 

Punjab also hosts several developmental projects. This particular province is famous for its sceneries and greenery. Therefore, automatically the value of the properties tends to increase over the years. New and modern housing societies have been built in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, giving an enhanced look to the city.

One of the leading cities of this province, Rawalpindi has seen major improvements in lifestyle. Modernized housing schemes have been constructed, which has helped the city to gain strategic importance. Several housing societies have already been completed such as Bahria Town, while others are still under construction, like Rudn Enclave Housing Society. This particular mega project has a lot to offer to the investors and aims to create value in return of the investment.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi:

Rudn Enclave Housing Society is based in Rawalpindi. This is an upcoming project and is being developed by RMRSCO (pvt) limited. The builders and developers are well known for providing brilliant infrastructure facilities to the residents. Similarly, with this project, they aim to attract customers with amazing amenities and a comfortable lifestyle. It is being sponsored by NesPak pvt limited.


Based in Rawalpindi, Rudn Enclave Housing Society is located at Adyala Road. This particular location is one of the prime locations of the city. It is easily accessible through various areas. Moreover, other huge housing schemes are already part of Adyala Road. With the addition of Rudn Enclave, the strategic importance of the location is expected to improve even more.

Total Area and Layout:

Rudn Enclave mega project has been spread over an area of around 3000 kanals. A Beautiful layout has been given to this upcoming project. Society has been divided into multiple executive blocks. These blocks will separate the residential areas from the commercial ones. Further, the infrastructure of Rudn Enclave is based on international standards. To facilitate and attract the investors and residents, various facilities will be provided within the society. These facilities include shopping malls, huge playgrounds, restaurants, mosques, and much more!

Booking and installments:

Construction work is going on smoothly on the site. Rudn Enclave Executive Blocks are being developed at a fast pace. The project offers several Installment plans for the customers to provide ease for them. Bookings for your dream plot is also open. Book your plots at the earliest to enjoy such amazing facilities at reasonable rates. 

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