Realtors Safety Tips and Precautions Amid Pandemic Covid-19

Realtors Safety Tips and Precautions

The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 has put every business on hold and the same set back was felt on the real estate business too. The outbreak had to infect millions of human beings worldwide in almost 200 countries before the WHO termed it as the pandemic. In order to keep the business growing and navigating in the market by helping out the individuals find their homes in these hard times of crisis the realtors had to work tirelessly and fearlessly. However, the norms of the business as well as the mechanisms did change a bit. We have come up with the tips and safety precautions that every realtor must follow in order to keep them safe because it’s always better safe than sorry.

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 is the latest mutant of the coronavirus family that had the sudden outbreak in the year 2019 from China’s Wuhan district. The symptoms that may show up in 2-7 days that indicate that you have contracted the novel coronavirus include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The physicians and doctors recommend taking immunity boosters and OTCs. It is also recommended that do not panic and rush to the hospitals until you start experiencing the harsh symptoms of the virus like shortness of breath, pain or congestion in the chest or rib region, or blue lips or face.

Who is at more risk?

People who already have a chronic medical condition are always at the higher risks that it would be difficult for them to fight of the disease on their own. This is due to the fact that the immune system of them is already compromised and doesn’t have much of the ability to fight of the disease at their own. People who already have diseases like heart, kidneys or lung diseases, diabetes, cholesterol, or immunosuppressed due to any natural or self-induced reason are always more prone to contracting this virus, and the ability to fight it off is also quite compromised already. That is why it is much needed that they should stay more aware and should also take more care of them.

How the pandemic has affected the businesses?

Under general procedural code many cities or you can say almost all the cities and states around the world have observed strict lockdowns and the state authorities have discouraged public gathering and meet-ups in larger volume. This has affected every business in the world that involves formal meeting and one-to-one discussion session. As, the real estate business is all about meeting, viewing, signing and contracting, the business had to face much of the jeopardy in every aspect.

However, it was the dire need of the hour to keep propagating the business. Thus in order to keep the vehicle on track following safety precautions is to be used in the offices and outdoor in order to curtail the impact of the virus.

Preventive measures for the realtors to avoid contracting and spreading Covid-19

It is the dire need for everybody to stop the spread of the virus and break the chain if in case they have contracted. The precautions aren’t that much complex none they need much of the efforts or time from your precious timeframes. However, it is always better to prevent rather than rushing to the hospitals for the sake of cure, while the beds at the hospitals are already filled to the neck and the room for accommodation of anymore patients is depleting every day. Follow these easy tips and save yourself and your family from any inconvenient situation.

Wash, wash, wash

The most effective and the best practice that health professionals have until discovered is you should wash your hands and anything that comes in contact very often. This virus has a bigger diameter so it washes away with any ordinary bathroom soap. However, it is advised that whenever you wash your hands keep rubbing them for almost 20 seconds and make the soap reach to the areas where it doesn’t reach very often. Like, rub it between the fingers and also the back of your hand. But, if in case you don’t have access to fresh water and soaps, you can also keep a hand sanitizer that is alcohol based in your car or carry them in pocket, as the microbe is also not resistant to these too.

Don’t touch your body before washing

The virus, as per the research, enters your body through your mouth, nose or even your eyes. It is recommended that you should not touch your mouth or nose, and you shouldn’t also rub your eyes with the unwashed hands, as you may put the virus inside your system without even knowing.

Isolate yourself

We know that isolation is not much humane, and no human ever likes to isolate himself, but you have to do this for the better of your family and friends. But this is only valid when you feel certain symptoms that have already been discussed in the preceding paragraph. Also, we recommend that you should avoid getting in close contact with people who are sick.

Keep social distance

The virus spreads person-to-person and no other media has yet been discovered for the transmittance of the virus, so the best practice that you can do to avoid harming yourself and your family is to keep yourself secret. There are many silent carriers of the virus who don’t show any symptoms, while they still are carrying the virus with themselves. It is indeed very difficult to trace out anyone who you think has the presence of the virus inside, that is why it is always recommended that keep safe distance at least 6 feet from anyone and everyone.

Follow local and state level rules

We know that the business is very important to keep the life cycle going; however the life of a human is more important than anything. That is why if the stands finds out that the outburst is going out of hands and the businesses need to shut down for some time in order to get the control over the situation back, it is always in your bets interest. Don’t believe in any myths or anything; just do as the state says to avoid any inconvenience.

Arrange virtual viewings

In this time of technological advancement, there are much of the agents that you can deploy in order to conduct all your businesses digitally. Like if you have a client and they want to view the property that they are going to buy or rent, you can arrange a virtual viewing. For instance, you can use different online platforms in this way to show the property to your potential client. You can use Skype, Zoom, or Teams also in order to show the property to your clients.

Sanitize your office and equipment very often

There are a great very number of services that have evolved amid the pandemic, which sanitize your belongings, homes, and office spaces. You can deploy them and get their services in order to get your offices sanitize. Your office space, tables, chairs, papers, stationery, everything may prove as a carrier of the virus that is why you would feel a need to get them sanitize. If you can’t manage to do so very often, once fortnightly is recommended by the experts to get thing going and keep everything on track.


The Covid-19 virus is a deadly one that may not be fatal all at once but the impact that it leaves on your lives is devastating. Since there is not much we know that we can do to treat it, the precautionary and prevention techniques are something that we currently have in abundance. You can use these techniques and deploy these methods in your everyday life to keep yourself, your friends and your family safe from this deadly virus.

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