Rudn Enclave and China Metallurgical Group (MCC) going Hand-in-Hand

Rudn Enclave and China Metallurgical Group

Recently we have come across the news that a delegation from China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC), a well-reputed and state backed organization has visited the Rudn Enclave headquarters. It is also reported that the top-management from the Rudn Enclave has delivered an awesome and brief report of the project, and all the associated endeavors that they are up to.

By virtue of all this, we have also come across the news that the delegation from China was highly impressed by the dedication and diligence of the team. They have also showed interest in working on the design and development endeavors of the project along with the RMRSCO and NESPAK, which are also reputed organization, that are already working on the project.

However, no claim has been made by both parties officially on any platform regarding this venture. Let’s wait for them to conclude all this in a better way before we should make any judgments.

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