Rudn Enclave Announced their Developer

Rudn Enclave Announced their Developer


For a long time the investors as well as the rest of the market was so curious about the developer of Rudn Enclave. This is worth mentioning here that Rudn Enclave is one of the novel real estate projects that have been loved widely by the real estate sector for gaining all the limelight towards it in such a lesser amount of time. Rudn is one of the high-end and up-market real estate project that the market has welcomed for the top-notch facilities and amenities that they are providing in such short time. Every day we are looking at the growing portfolio of the project and popular faces joining the venture.

Recently, through their YouTube and other social platforms Rudn Enclave has proudly announced their developers. The name of the development firm that has been given the contract of development and planning of Rudn Enclave is Urban Planning and Design Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan. UPDL is an efficient real estate development company that has employed the latest technique, amalgamated with the high-end machinery to do wonders on the canvas of real estate development. The company has been known widely in the national as well as international market for the development projects that they have successfully delivered in the past. They are known for delivering environment friendly housing and other real estate projects that comply with the standards of sustainable development laid in this regard.

The project will come as a brainchild of three top-notch institutes known as Al-Haq Builders, UPDL, and New Leafs, which establishes that this project is not going to be something that the world has already witnessed. All of the mentioned firms are registered in the name of Mr. Muhammad Abdullah, who is one of the most celebrated urban, and town planning expert and executor.

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