How is Sustainable Infrastructure Development Important?

Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Owing to the growing climate change in the world, it has become immensely important for every industry to shift towards an alternate way that is more sustainable. In recent past, we have seen a massive infrastructural development in our country too. No doubt, the real estate industry is considered as the backbone of a state’s economy, and it is highly responsible for driving the economic wheel of the country. All of the development in these times is based on the sky high concrete structure, that’s why we are facing some real eco threats these days. We are writing this post today to make it more elaborative to our readers so that they also contribute to the society benefits that are obtained through sustainable development.

Threats Posed by Conventional Development

There are various threats that are directly linked with the global warming and ecological distress caused in these times. According to reports, around 40% of the power that is generated is taken by conventional development work. Thus, it implies that much of the carbon emission is due to this industry. It is the dire need of the hour to reduce these consumption and emission in order to make this world a better place to live in.

Moreover, concrete structures are also a great source of storing heat energy in them. The chemistry tells us that the porous form that concrete takes after setting completely, has the ability to store energy in the form of heat. This works as the heat energy gets stored in the high-rise concrete structures in the day time when there is sun, while this heat is expelled in the night time when the sun actually sets. That’s a reason that in older times the nights were used to be comparatively cooler, while today we often feel that the nights are way hotter than they were used to be before. This also imposes the effect of a higher real-feel, that means that the temperature is actually lower than the heat we feel outside.

Furthermore, the machinery that is being used in the construction industry is way older too. These conventional machines take a lot of power and emit high amount of Carbon, and other residual gases that must not be there for a safer and sustainable environment.

Sustainable Development, the Needs Today

Since, the population explosion is in the full boom today, and there is a higher need of infrastructure for them to reside into. However, the need for shifting it from the conventional methods to eco-friendly one’s is equally important. The main goal that we have today is to minimize man’s ecological footprints, as we do have responsibilities against the coming generations.

Many engineering organizations around the globe have started researching and testing the alternate ways as they understand the role of importance of sustainable infrastructure development. They have special funds and manpower directly associated with these branches who are working tirelessly to get all these things done in a more appropriate way.

In addition to this, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also have the clause that enforces the complete amendment in the technological development from the conventional to more sustainable ones. UN also directs all the major organizations and industries to sustain the environment as much as they are contributing towards polluting it. Like, for the HVAC industry they are directed to plant more trees.

But that shouldn’t be all, the governments need to come forward and take adequate steps and measures for the sustainable infrastructure development. It is the responsibility of every citizen that the world that we leave for the coming generation has the minimum man’s footprints as they should also get a world that has seen minimum number of humans.


The article digs deep in the importance of sustainable infrastructure development specially related with the construction and real estate industry. The society needs to develop an alternate mechanism in order to bring revolutionary changes in the conventional techniques to more sustainable ones. All the contemporary means of communication, transportation, construction and development need to be revamped so that we can promote a more energy efficient development in the world.

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