Things to Look For in a Property Before Making a Choice

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Buying an apartment, house or any property is no small deal for anyone. This decision is amongst the biggest decisions one takes during their lifetime. If you are planning to buy a new house, apartment, or any other property, and want to have a checklist of what to notice and what not to, while paying a visit then today’s post is specially dedicated to you. Go along these lines to know what things you should consider and look into while viewing a property.

House tour before actually buying any house is the most essential thing in the process of buying a house. After all it’s a matter of your savings that you have done in years by compromising on your basic needs and requirements. If you are planning to visit a house that is your next potential address keep us along to have it done more efficiently. You have to look very carefully to all the aspects of construction, finishing in the house, but at the same time the furnishing articles must not make any influence to your decisions. So, without wasting any time any further, let’s discuss what you should look for in a property before actually making a choice to buy it.

What You Should Look in a Property?

There are certain things that should be taken into account before making the decision. Here’s a list of things that you should look out before buying any property.

Location of the property

The first thing that is considered by any homebuyer before buying any property is whether the location of your new house is worth it. You should also take this into account instead of falling for the external aesthetics of the house. Moreover, look for all the legal aspects of the society that whether the society has required permissions in documented form that allows them to develop and sell plots in the locality. For this purpose you can also check the LIST OF APPROVED housing societies in Rawalpindi before making any decision. Furthermore, it is also imperative to look for the owner and developer of the society to know what projects they have already delivered, and in how much time? This establishes the credibility of the developer.

Safety and security

Next thing that is to be taken into account before buying any property is whether the locality is safe? That is the reason that we always recommend the new homebuyers to look up for gated communities to lead their life. Gated communities or societies have several advantages over others; like they have their own security team that enforces societies’ rules, regulations and policies, ensures safety of the residents and guests, protects lives and property against any theft or physical harm, monitors CCTV surveillance system 24/7.

Moreover, it is also important to consider the crime rate and frequency of criminal activities in the area, for that you can go to the local police station to enquire about the reports of any such criminal activities in the past.

Nearby utilities and amenities

When viewing property you should definitely look for the amenities that the housing society is offering, and also the emergency services like hospital, ambulances, and police station nearby. For that you have to conduct in-depth research on that area. Like you have to check if the house has sufficient supply or water and natural gas or not? Some areas face water shortage in the summers; do ensure that this region has enough subsurface water reserves.

While some areas face limited supply of gas in winter season. You have to properly rule this out before making any decision. For this specific thing, you can interview people residing in the neighborhood who have been living their already. Or you can just ask the real estate agents working in that particular area.

Condition of the house itself

Till now we have been discussing the outer aspects of the property that’s your potential purchase. Now we will discuss what you have to look for inside the house before buying it. You have to consider few things during a house visit, and first in the list is condition of walls and floor. By looking into the condition of walls and floor you can tell about the quality of construction in a second. Don’t fall for the external aftermarket beautifications that the homeowner may have added to hide the original condition, rather insist to remove them and see what’s underlying.

Also, you are advised to look for the pipes and fittings and see if there is any seepage of water into the walls. This thing is the most frustrating; you should definitely leave that house, or ask for a price reduction to counter this issue.

Illegal construction

See if the house is built totally in accordance to the bylaws and guidelines set by the authorities. Any illegal alterations made into the originally approved house plan may leave you into a trouble. Ask the homeowner to give you the approved construction plan and cross verify it with the actual construction. For instance, in society where I reside you have to leave 10-ft “galli” open to sky, if you don’t do this, and deliberately construct into that area you’ll be fined heavily, and authorities may break that, and it is never a favorable thing to face.


Here in this article we have briefly listed all the necessary things that you should consider look for in a property before buying. Just don’t fall for the external aesthetics of the house and conduct an in-depth research before buying. Even though home décor is totally up to people’s own preferences, many new buyers fall for it. This should never be done as clumsy curtains, outdated carpets, and unflattering paint colors etc. can always be replaced and updated in accordance with your taste. However, if the house is violating bylaws, has seepage issue, or is situated in a criminal area then this is surely a problem. Do consider what we have listed here before making any decision, so you won’t have to regret your decision.

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