How to Verify Property Ownership in Pakistan

Verify Property Ownership in Pakistan

Hello to the real estate entrants who have come here with flooded thoughts and questions. One of the most asked question about the land and property in Pakistan is how you can verify the ownership. The question is asked by majority of the people to ensure that they are not falling for the trap and the property they are purchasing from someone does actually belong to them or they have the rights to take decisions on it like renting or selling. This was one huge of an errand in the past and had much of the chaos too. But with recent digitalization, the process is made much stream-lined and convenient. You can check the property ownership whether for your own self or for anyone from whom you are about to rent or buy a property.

Following lines will elaborate briefly how the property verification is Pakistan was done in the past, and how it is done now after the land records have been digitalized. If you are looking for the ways and methods to verify the land ownership in Pakistan, then today’s post is for you. Keep reading through the lines to know more about the subject matter.

Property Ownership Verification in Past

Ever since the British came to the sub-continent they brought an administrative model with them that is still in partial application. The viceroy system had revenue officers in every taluka who had to keep the record of all the land and property, and it was his job role to maintain all the records plus gather taxes from the landlord.

The system is still there with partial effects but with the change in terminologies. Like in fewer states the village officer, who was called a Patwari was responsible for managing land records and collect taxes. For a simple work like getting the ownership verified the applicant had to visit the revenue office and had to fill long forms and applications in their own handwriting just to get the smallest of the tasks like land ownership verification.

Check Property Ownership Online in Punjab

The former chief minister Punjab has done a lot for the sake of the province, its offices and the subsidiary bodies working underneath. For this purpose he established the most extraordinary and energetic team of IT professionals and managers, led by the popular IT Savvy Dr. Umer Saif. This public-private partnership stayed there working for the betterment in the area of digitalization, and brought forward the most latest and premium digital access of the land records. All of the land is now managed and recorded on the consistent digital platforms and the access has also been made easy for the citizens.

Apart from this, the Government of Punjab has a dedicated database that is just there to facilitate the citizens in terms of providing easy access to the data, and land records. The Land Record Management and Information System, working with Punjab Zameen, a sub-project of Punjab Government was established under PLRA Act 2017, and is in action since then.

The Director General, Mr. Moazzam Iqbal Sipra seems quite confident on the model that he is leading for it is going to provide ease of access to the citizens, as well as will contribute towards anti-theft, anti-fraud and anti-loss business in the real estate sector.

If you want to check the land records, here is the systematic step-by-step procedure of doing this.

  • Follow the link LRMIS Punjab, and open the main website of Punjab-Zameen on your system or smartphone, whichever device you use.
  • Find and click property registry search on the sticky menu on top of the page.
  • Your browser will open the page saying Digital Registration Deed, from where you can verify your sale deed or property ownership.
  • At this page, you will have to provide with the details and credentials like, the first field lets you find and select from the list of districts, the next allows you to find and select the relative service center depending upon the location of the circle where you reside.
  • Similarly, the next fields will ask you to enter the property type, and the credentials on the basis of what you are going to search the ownership.
  • Then you have to write down the registration or CNIC number as per your choice and hit search on screen or enter from the keyboard.
  • The next screen will show you the results as per your search where you can verify the land or property ownership online anywhere from Punjab.

Check Property Ownership Online in Sindh

Like LRMIS that has the property information and database for the province of Punjab, we have a similar system that enables the citizens to get the online land or property ownership verification in Sindh. The name of the department that governs or administers the whole process is Land Administration and Revenue Management information System (LARMIS), working directly under the revenue department of the provincial government.

If you want to see the land and property ownership information online in Sindh, here is the systematic step-by-step procedure for this.

  • Follow the link LARMIS, Sindh that will redirect you to the page for land and property ownership verification, under Sindh-zameen.
  • The website is available in 3 different languages English, Urdu and Sindhi, making it able for the citizens to understand it word by word.
  • The website unlike Punjab’s asks human verification through captcha, in order to keep the bots away from automating the system and deliberately choking it for everyone.
  • The rest of the process is similar to the one mentioned in above paragraph for Punjab.


Since the digitalization is in full-boom and the paperwork is being shifted to digital record keeping methods. Same is the case with the land and property ownership worldwide. Pakistan is also moving towards digitalization making it easier for everyone including citizens, officers, and staff of the revenue offices. We have mentioned the land and property verification methods online for the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. And, it is also anticipated that soon it will be applicable to whole of Pakistan, but before that the databases have to be made up-to-date. The process of updating databases only seems to be delay; otherwise the core operation isn’t a much difficult task.

If you want to verify your property of you need verification and a solid proof on someone from whom you are going to buy a piece of land soon then you can use the aforementioned methods. Still, if there are any questions or ambiguity, you can shoot your queries in the comment section and our diligent staff is there all the time to assist you in any regard.

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