Zaitoon City; the Ideal Investment Option for Now

Zaitoon City

Provincial capital of Punjab attracts a large very number of emigrants every day who come here for the sake of better life, job and business opportunities. That’s a reason why the housing requirement increases daily and the prospects of urban development are always very high here. In a city with such a scenario, and appreciation for the property, Zaitoon City, Lahore is considered as one of the most beneficial housing project that comes with different sized plots for the investor community to buy and get the maximum output on their investments. Zaitoon has residential, commercial and mix-use plots for sale that can engulf and accommodate every type of investor and resident in the society.

Secondly, the society stands out in the market for having a classical location that has easy access not only from all the sides of the city within, but also from different cities, districts and provinces. The society resides right unto the Ferozepur Road that connects Lahore with other major cities of Punjab. Owing to this beneficial location, the society is also said to become an urban hub in the future, which will attract all the major national and international brands to set up their outlets or may be their headquarters here. This is due to the reason that operating staying within Zaitoon City; Lahore will be quite an easy and convenient job for the top-management of the companies.

Lastly, the society is also known as the Urban Forest, and this is due to the reason that the developer keeps a special eye on the environmental constraints that make any residential area work at a slower pace. The developer has planted a great very number of tress into the society, and according to a recent report they claim that there will be around 45000 trees planted in the society. These trees will not only reduce the pollution within the society, but also it will have a very fine effect on the residents’ health as they will have a free supply of the purest form of oxygen all day long.

If you have any queries regarding this society or you want to make booking in the society and want to know the pricing and other details feel free to contact us through the comment section, or you can also ping us directly on the numbers given at the contact us page. Our highly diligent and energetic staff is online 24/7 to assist you in any regard.

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